A 5 minute comedy skit about a guy called Bob, who goes to audition for a part in a play. Bob appears to be extremely nervous, and possibly even slightly retarded, but his audition is greatly helped by his patient friend, Anne. A very funny skit, with a nice twist at the end.

In “Bob,” the poem he recites may be changed, as long as the results are the same.

There should be no other alterations in the original script.

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Author: T. J. Edison

Genre: 5 minute Comedy Skits

Type: One Act Skit or Play

Cast: 1M, 4F

Ages of Actors: 1 F in 20s, 3F slightly older women, 1M thirties up.

Suitable for: All Ages

Length: 5-7 minutes


Level of Difficulty: 6/10. Keeping a straight face!

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Copyright May 2012 T. J. Edison Off The Wall Play Publishers

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