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It’s a world where a mysterious unnamed group has begun placing large duffel bags throughout the city. The bags are either filled with explosives or two hundred thousand in cash. Those finding the bags open them to become either rich or are left horribly injured, or lose their lives altogether. When James finds a bag, he brings the bag back to his apartment that he shares with his girlfriend. He also calls his best friend and all three try to work out what to do. To open it or not? What to do if there is money inside, or what to do if there isn’t..

Performance History:
Sir Robert Woodard Academy, West Sussex, UK – 2016
St. Vincent de Paul High School, CA, USA – 2016
Cultural Center of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2017

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Author: Simon Parker

Genre: British Drama Plays

Type: Full length drama in one act

Cast: Three 2M 1F

Ages of the Actors: 20’s – early 40’s

Suitable for: PG 12

Length: 90 minutes

Set: The living room of a suburban flat/apartment

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – building tension to a climax throughout the play

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