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Plays written for children or alternatively, plays that could have a child cast

The Poetry Machine – play for children

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In this play for older children, an ageing poet is suffering a severe case of writer’s block. The poet comes across a gypsy who promises that a poetry machine will be able to help him/her write by simply placing material in the machine to form a story. The writer takes the machine home and after putting his/her grandchild’s toys in the machine, concocts a story in poetry about a pirate, robot and teddy bear. The poet finishes reading the story to find that his/her grandchild has disappeared, presumably having crept inside the poetry machine.

The poet also enters the machine and encounters the characters invented from the previous story, each inhabiting the opposite persona from that of the story. In the quest for his/her grandchild, the poet tries his/her best to comfort the chaotic characters when the gypsy reappears. Blaming the gypsy for the disappearance of his/her grandchild, the gypsy continues to infuriate the poet by speaking in riddles until the poet is finally awoken by his/her grandchild. Back in reality the poet realizes that the machine was not necessary to renew his/her writing and that s/he had the talent all along.

play for children
Photo of the cast of a 2014 production of The Poetry Machine. Courtesy of Western Stage Youth Theatre

Author: Revelly Robinson

Genre: Two-act play for children

Type: Two-act play

Length: Twenty Five  Minutes

Number of Actors:  Six, 6 actors,  all N/M/F

Ages of the actors: It can either be performed by children aged 6-13 years old, or alternatively with 5 older actors and one child

Suitable for: All ages, aimed at children.

Set:   Act 1: Scene one and three are in a house with a writing desk, scene two is a market, but can be performed elsewhere on the stage. Act 2: Inside the dream world of the poetry machine and ends back at home.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10 – script is easy to remember as it is mostly in verse.

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This lovely Christmas movie screenplay is centered around a hand carved rocking horse, passed down from Ben’s Grandfather, who got it from his grandfather and then gave it to Ben. It’s Christmas and Ben, his wife and their son Cody decorate the tree with their Christmas decorations and the little rocking horse. Unknown to the family, there are little mice, Porter and Tobi that live with them, that love the rocking horse just as much as Ben and his family do. When the rocking horse accidentally falls into the trash, it takes the two mouse friends, Porter and Tobi on an adventure to recover the precious magical family heirloom.

This script won first place in the Animation Genre of The Santa Clarita International Screenplay Competition, 1997 and second place in The Burbank Children’s Film Festival, 2001. Mark Mcquown is a produced screenwriter.Credits include PJ, starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo and Hallie Kate Eisenberg.  This film is available on Netflix.

Other plays by Mark Mcquown.

Author: Mark Mcquown

Genre: Christmas movie screenplay

Type: Screenplay

Length: Ninety minutes

Number of Characters: 5 main characters and a number of smaller roles.

Suitable for: All ages, aimed at children.

Ages of the actors: Adult and children (and mice)

Level of Difficulty: Can be done with animation or with puppets.

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Copyright November 2013  Mark Mcquown  and Off The Wall Plays

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The Wizard of Odd – Pantomime Wizard of Oz

pantomime wizard of odd

pantomime wizard of oz


A modern day Dorothy living in London is transported to the land of Odd, where she meets the fabulous dame of the North and has to defeat the wicked witch of the west with the help of the brainless Scarecrow, Tin Man who lost his heart to the wicked witch, and  the Lion who has lost his Mojo. This is to prevent the catastrophic events that the wicked witch has planned in which she will take over the rule of Odd, and do away with the Wiz, all with the help of the ruby slippers.  A fun filled musical version of the traditional movie, complete with Broadway Musical numbers that will get the cast and audience tapping their feet.

Production History

St. Dallan’s Primary School, Northern Ireland, 2016
Franklin Players – Roosevelt Park, South Africa, 2016
Berwick Amateur Theatre Society, Australia – 2016
Acting UP/Unexpected Places, United Kingdom – 2016
Spag Bol Productions – Ferny grove Primary, Australia – 2017
University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, United Kingdom – 2017
Creative Projects plus, Tasmania, Australia – 2017

Have a look at this promotional video of a recent production by Spag Bol productions – Ferny Grove Primary School

Photographs all from Spag Bol productions – Ferny Grove Primary School, Australia.

Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Type:  Two-act full length musical play

Genre: Musical, Pantomime Wizard of Oz

Length: 90 minutes

Cast: 15-22 speaking characters with chorus, but many smaller parts may be doubled.

Ages of the actors ; Child to adult any age

Suitable for: All ages, family show

Set: There are three scenes – the house where Dorothy lives, the land of Odd and   Emerald city.  Sets can be constructed inexpensively using screens on wheels and backdrops to allow ease of set changes.

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – characterization.

Read more about award winning author Claire Demmer

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Shriek – the fairytale of one princesses, two wicked witches and a bottle of Ketchup

A Manger Carol – One Act Nativity Play

Christmas plays



Every year, in churches across the United States, children perform the story of the nativity before an audience of proud and excited parents. In many cases a large group of children are dressed up and paraded across the stage while a narrator reads the story of the birth of Christ. Often this tradition becomes boring and commonplace, even though they are acting out the greatest story ever told.

This nativity play is designed to be a little different. It initially starts off with a departure from tradition, by introducing comedic elements into what has become, through habit, a solemn proceeding. At the end the play closes with an important message about Christmas and our Savior Jesus Christ; that the story isn’t about the scenery or the costumes, but about the people in that story. A group of ordinary people who came together to take part in an extraordinary event that changed the world forever.

My hope for this play is that people will enjoy and laugh through the comedy, and then take home the message that Jesus himself often took chances, shook things up, and stepped out in faith, and that we, as his disciples, should do the same.

“How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, his precepts! O! Tis easier to keep holidays than commandments.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Author:  Richard Van Den Akker

Type: One act nativity play

Genre: Nativity play, comedy

Length:  Forty Minutes

Number of  Actors: Twenty to  Sixty  (20-60) Some of the parts can be doubled if you don’t have enough children.

Ages of the actors: A large number of children to early teens

Suitable for : All Ages

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – many costumes.

Set:  Simple – the inn and stable can be made of of large cardboard boxes such as refrigerator boxes. There is  a lamp that needs to be plugged in but quite simple otherwise.

See other plays by Richard Van Den Akker. Read about author Richard Van Den Akker

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Adventures of Moe Joe and Snowy in Lochloosa! – a children’s play

children's play



In this children’s play, the teacher, Miss Ann, reads to her class out of a book, ” The Adventures of Moe Joe and Snowy in Lochloosa.” As she reads, the imagination of the children transports them into the book to a house on a lake where their teacher, Miss Ann and the principal of the school, Mr Timothy are married. They live with a cat and a dog in the little house. There is also a fierce alligator living in the lake that wants to eat them, but they are protected by ‘Eagle Eyes’ who sees the alligator and keeps them safe from harm. The children from the school class also play the animal creatures in the book.

Authors:  Michael Holtzhauer and Shirley Gambrell

Genre: Children’s Play

Type:  Short one act play

Length: Twenty- twenty five minutes with scene changes. 20-25 min long play

Number of Actors: Seven, play for 7 actors

Ages of the actors : Two adult, rest children or early teens

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – easy script for the kids with lots of fun. There is a spider puppet

Set: Two simple sets – one a classroom with a board and desks and chairs, the other is a lakeside cabin.

Read about authors Michael Holtzhauer and Shirley Gambrell

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The Wandering Bard’s Tale – a funny fairytale for ages 10-15

After Ever After – A full length musical for kids with all your favourite fairytale characters

The Dragons of Spring – a fairytale for young teens

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

comedy play about marriage

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In this South African Christmas Play, Santa is forced to take a holiday in October by his doctor, who says the stress of being Santa is putting him at risk for a heart attack.  Santa and his wife decide to go to camping in South Africa for their holiday and drink some wine and have fun in the sun.

Unfortunately, Santa is kidnapped and held for ransom by the Tokoloshe, who keeps him in his shack until he gets the ransom. Mrs Claus cannot afford the ransom, and appeals to the embassy of the North Pole to pay it, but it isn’t their policy to pay ransoms or negotiate with kidnappers!

Time passes and Christmas eve approaches. At the North pole,  the elves and other fairytale characters are in a flat panic. In desperation they appeal to Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to deliver the presents. Unfortunately they don’t drive and will have to deliver the presents on foot…

Author: Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox

Genre: Christmas play – full length play

Type: Two act play

Suitable for : All ages

Number of actors: Thirty two  32 – ideal for a school production

Ages of the characters/actors: Young to old but can be played by any age with makeup

Level of difficulty:  7/10 –  quite wordy

Set:  There are a number of different scenes but most can be accomplished with two simple backdrops – one for the South African scenes and the other for the North pole scenes and the odd furnishings to represent their current location.

Note: Some pop songs are incorporated in the script. The license to perform these songs may need to be acquired separately. Otherwise they can be substituted at the director’s discretion.

More about playwright Pillar Pringiers-Spinnox.  Other plays by Pillar

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Cost is $5

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Copyright July 2013 Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Sleeping Beauty – the pantomime with a modern day twist
The Dragons of Spring – a two-act medieval teen comedy

The Dragons of Spring – two-act comedy script for teenagers

two-act comedy script for teenagers
Teen Plays



In this two-act comedy script for teenagers, King Bob is informed by the ‘Queen for a day,’ his wife, that it is high time that their daughter, Clementine was married, being at the ripe of age of fifteen.  Clementine, however is, desperately in love with Claudius, the castle plumber.  In an effort to ensure that she marries someone of noble blood, the King and Queen issue a Royal Decree stating that anyone who kills the local dragon will win 5000 pounds.  (And in small print,”Marry the Princess Clementine.”)

two-act play script for teenagers

When the Princess Clementine hears about this, she is determined that her true love, Claudius, the plumber shall be the one to slay the dragon and so she drags the unwilling Claudius and her maidservant to the forest to slay the dragon.  However, her younger sister is determined that Clementine shall be married, to whoever, so that she can get her Clementine’s bedroom. So she drags her maidservant off to the forest to slay the dragon, and to pin it on one of the local elderly knights sent by the King to perform this errand.

Author:Richard Van Den Akker

Genre: Adventure fairytale for younger teens

Type: Two-act play

Length: One hour and ten minutes

Number of actors: 16-20, sixteen to twenty  12M,  5F, rest anything

Level of difficulty: 7/10 Easy script and quite funny. There are special effects but how to make them is well described by the playwright in a separate document

Set: There are four scenes and three sets – the throne room, the village green and the woods. these can easily be accomplished with backdrops and minimal furnishings.

Read more about playwright Richard Van Den Akker.

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Sleeping Beauty – the modern day pantomime

After ever after – a fairytale musical for high schools

The condition – a humorous look at an the inhabitants of an insane asylum

Missing the Mark – a farce in 2 acts where 2 on artists get conned!

After Ever After – a fairytale musical for schools

musical for schools


After Ever After is a full length fairytale musical play that would be suitable for middle school or older primary school pupils. It has a large cast based on popular characters from literature. In  ‘After Ever After,’ the ‘baddies’ have been send to Dungeon,’ the rehabilitation centre for ‘the baddies, ‘ and the ‘goodies’ are living out their happy lives in Camelot. Unfortunately things are not going as smoothly as they could hope –  the baddies are plotting their revenge and escape from rehab, aided by the evil Claude Frollo, who runs the rehabilitation centre. They plan to attack the ‘goodies’ and take over Camelot. Who will win this final battle between good and evil?

“Carnivals of the Heart,” a young amateur theatre group based in Somerset-West,  performed AEA in December 2011. The play contains songs from popular music and popular animated movies.The musical rights for these songs would have to be purchased from the relevant local musical licensing authority or the songs substituted.  The authors will allow workshopping of the play with their permission, but the title is not to be changed.


Monkayo College of Arts, Sciences and Technology, Compostela Valley, Philippines – 2017
Alternative School in Keaau, Hawaii – 2018

Read more about Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and C.J. Opperman

Authors: Pilar Pringiers-Spinnox and C.J. Opperman

Genre:  Fairytale Musical for schools in two acts

Type: Two act fairytale musical for schools

Length:  1-1.5 hours

Suitable for: All ages

Number of actors: 40, Forty

Ages of actors:  10 and up

Set: On one side of the stage is ‘the Dungeon’ and on the other side is ‘The village,’ and in between is the forest. Pinocchio’s bedroom is set up at the side. A table with 2 chairs is set up at the other side with the Dete and Huntsman, writing the story.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 crowd control and placing the characters on the stage

Read a sample of the script

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If your play sells well, we will add it to our “Best Sellers” list, automatically ranking it higher than ordinary plays, the price increases, and so do your Royalties. Plays bought to be used for a run or a season will also have license fees that will be paid by the organization that purchased the play, and 50% of those will go to the authors as well.

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The Wandering Bard’s Tale – A Children’s Fairytale Play in One Act

The Wandering Bard’s Tale – a Children’s Fairytale in One Act

children's fairytale play


When the Princess Dandelion is kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Jeff and his two sidekicks Cotton and Candy, King Monty (who lives in a hall, not a castle because it sounds better) sends his servant Max to rescue her. Max is aided by a wandering bard, named Pip, who helps Max rescue the headstrong Princess (who gets kidnapped once a month, usually) using a magical necklace and the power of a sneeze to defeat him in this children’s fairytale play.

 This play has been successfully staged and performed for a number of elementary schools in America and it ran for a year. It is a fantasy about the power of friendship and was used to get children interested in the arts.


Calvary Baptist Christian Academy, PA, USA – 2017

Author: Michael Maxwell

Characters: 4M, 1 F, 2N

Genre: Children’s Fairytale play.

Length: Approximately 35 minutes

Ages of Performers: 11 and up

Ages of Audience: Children

Difficulty: 7/10 (remembering the words if performed by children and putting the magic in if performed by adults)

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Sleeping Beauty the Pantomime

Sleeping Beauty the pantomine – A Tongue in Cheek Modern Day Pantomime

sleeping beauty the pantomimebuy a musical online

It’s a modern day Sleeping Beauty, complete with an IT nerd, a heroine who is a member of Greenpeace and a deliciously wicked Augusta Stern, fired from Castletech, who plans to poison the lovely Aurora on her sixteenth birthday. There is, of course, a Dame, who writes the gossip, a tongue in cheek script and well known fun songs from all eras,  for all to enjoy. A typical traditional pantomime format and lots of fun for the whole family. Enjoy Sleeping Beauty the pantomime.

Performance History:

The Franklin Players, Roosevelt Park – 2011
Ladysmith High School, South Africa – 2016
Westville Senior primary School, Durban, South Africa – 2018


Author: Claire Linda Demmer, Dylan Moss, Chris Esterhuyse

Characters: 2M (as female), 1F (as male), 3M, 5F, 1N

Level of Difficulty: Script 6/10, Chosen Songs 8/10

Length: 1.5 hours

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of Actors: 16 to 60 years old

Genre: Pantomime – musical, comedy

Please note: The songs written in the script are adapted from popular music of the last 70 years. Royalties payed for this play do not include the songs – they are merely suggestions and other songs may be substituted. Royalties for each song will have to be paid to the licensing body of your particular country. Songs taken from Broadway musicals are generally allowed to be performed without paying rights for the entire production, as long as only two or fewer songs are used. The songs taken from popular music will have rights that need to be paid, but can easily be substituted with other songs, if budget is a constraint. The author has also written alternate songs for these cases. Contact us if you wish to see them.

Licensing Music for Performance in USA
Licensing Music for Performance in UK
Licensing Music for Performance in South Africa

View a Sample of the Script

cost is $6 for this digital play script

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Copyright July 2011 Off the Wall Play Publishers

SHRIEK! – the Fairytale – pantomime scripts

kids pantomime scripts


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a beautiful Princess. Unbeknownst to her (but beknownst to us), a wicked witch with a beast of a sidekick plans to take over the Kingdom at the Royal Ball held in the Princess’s honor to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Unbeknownst to the wicked witch (but beknownst to us, of course), THE wickeder witchplans to also take over the magical kingdom at the Royal Ball, using only a magic mirror and a bottle of tomato sauce (ketchup.)

Performance History:

2009 – The Franklin Players, Roosevelt Park
Cornwall, UK – 2015
Abbotts College, Northcliff, South Africa – 2017
John Paul I High School, QC, Canada


Author: Claire Linda Demmer

Cast: 10 F 11 M

Genre: Musical+Comedy+ Fairytale+ Pantomime, pantomime scripts

Ages of Performers: 14 years and up

Suitable for: Children from aged 2 to 92. Will appeal to all age groups.

Length of Play: 90 minutes

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 (Crowd Control)

Please note: The songs written in the script are taken from popular music of the last 30 years. Royalties payed for this play do not include the songs – they are merely suggestions and other songs may be substituted. Royalties for each song will have to be paid to the music publishers.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $8.00 for this well produced digital script

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Copyright September 2010 Claire Linda Demmer Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Aladdin, comedy script


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