Dreamtime – play script about teen cult murder


play script about teen murder


The story is inspired by the murders of Dartmouth professors Half and Susanne Zantop, January 2001. Two high school boys from Vermont came to their home under false pretenses and murdered them for a hundred dollars in cash.

The murders were, of course, notorious. They followed on the heels of the Columbine murders and since then there has been practically an epidemic of senseless murders by young people in the USA. This is a play script about teen cult murder.

There’s a fine line between a dream and reality, well that is until there isn’t… that is until your dreams no longer serve their purpose as a subconscious escape and instead prey on your psyche: creating a world you can neither inhabit nor feel a firm part of.

Willy and Noah are young white youths, trying to both define themselves and make a stamp on their society. They dream of joining the American Nazi party. Both boys have dreams – they need something to make them stand out. They dream of doing something big. They dream of it day and night. Until it becomes hard to tell whether they’re awake or dreaming…

Both Willy and Noah tread the barrier in this play about the consequences of blurring the lines that separate delusions from actuality. Was their sense of self elevated in their dream state? Were Noah and Willy just plain bored with their reality? Or did they forget where in the world they truly belonged, when they made a choice that would affect them and two German professors? Dreamtime explores what happens when two doubtful aspiring American Nazi youths take certainty and uncertainty into their hands…and the cost of human life in between.

One of the monologues from the play is included in Best Men’s Stage Monologues in 2010 (Smith & Kraus, publisher.)


Maitland Repertory Theatre – NSW, Australia – 2017

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Author: Maura Campbell

Genre: Drama, play script about teen cult murder

Type: One act play, full length in seven scenes

Cast: 6 actors, 3M 1F and two extras who play multiple parts throughout the play

Ages of the actors: Two are young high school youths, two are middle aged to older college professors.

Suitable for:  PG 10 – concepts of violence

Length: 70 – 80 minutes

Set: A space that represents The Mountain, The Cell, and Joerg and
Greta’s Home. Many other locations are suggested. The fluid use of
space is effective since scenes and dialogue constantly overlap.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a great, challenging play that would suit drama school students or fringe festivals

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this play with an award winning monologue

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