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British farce plays


Privately educated Monty Marshington has dropped out of university. This means that his father’s dream of Monty following in his footsteps and becoming a world renowned psychiatrist have gone up in smoke. To make matters worse, Monty has set his heart on opening a French bistro instead and has shacked up with his Welsh waitress, Mafanwee, whom he has fallen desperately in love with and has decided to marry. This means that his mother’s dream of Monty marrying the highly bred but prudish Petula Patsworth has also vanished. In this upper crust farce set in the swinging 60’s, the rivalry between the Welsh and the English is still rife, and Monty’s choice simply won’t do.

Truth be told, Monty has ruined quite a few other people’s plans for his future. Will he marry the sweet Mafanwee or will everyone else succeed in sending her packing?

Author: Liz Philpot

Genre:  British farce plays

Type : Two-act play

Cast:  10-11,  5M 5-6F (one F can play an extra minor part if need be)

Ages of the actors:  Young adult to grand mother’s age

Suitable for: All ages

Length:  2-2.5 hours

Set: On the multiple set there is the breakfast room at Chesley Hall in the Midlands probably near Solihull, Monty’s family home. Millicent is on the telephone. The table is set for breakfast.

Mafanwee’s and Monty’s pokey bedroom above their cafe cum restaurant in Birmingham; Mafanwee is snuggled down in bed.

Monty is downstairs by the serving bar reading through the C.V s looking very worried.

A park bench near a telephone box D.S R., where Chunky in his trench coat is sitting reading the local newspaper upside down. No one can see the Hypnosis book on the inside of the paper Pierre is in the telephone box. The door is shut so Chunky cannot hear what he is saying.

Penelope’s luxurious lounge where she is reclining all in pink complete with headband and roses, having her breakfast on her chaise lounge at Clardon House with her solid silver tea set reading the same local newspaper .The action happens across the multiple set.

Level of difficulty:   7/10 – scene changes and set

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Copyright © March 2015 Liz Philpot and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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