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political drama scripts


Shadow Government is a five-character, one-set contemporary play about the current security situation in the U.S. It has elements of realism and humor, with an ironic twist at the end. Three new tenants in an apartment block invite their Middle Eastern landlord to their apartment for “drinks.” However, it turns out when he gets there, that the three have far more in mind than just friendly drinks. The tension builds to a climax in this two act political drama script.

The author will allow changes in blocking but the words must be performed as written. Read more about playwright Jack Adler.

Author:  Jack Adler

Genre: Political drama scripts

Type: Two-act drama

Length:  Two hours

Number of Actors:  5, 4M, 1 F

Ages of the actors: Late twenties to Fifties

Set: Simple – a living room in an apartment

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – Building the tension to a climax

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