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Ralph – a funny film noir play

comedy maskwhodunnitsRALPH – A FUNNY FILM NOIR PLAY

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Meet Ralph Spade, trying to make a living as a Private Eye  in his cheap downtown office. When Sam Malone comes to Ralph, to investigate the disappearance of  his girlfriend, Ralph takes the case.  Ralph, the detective is a colourful character whose brain is a sharp as a knife, but has also been muddled by years of alcohol. When it turns out that the parrot is also dead in this tongue in cheek film noir play, things take a bizarre twist in this off the wall Monty Python meets Film Noir style comedy.

Author: Dewan Demmer

Cast: Two M

Genre: Film Noir + Comedy + Crime

Difficulty: 6/10 (Achieving the Film Noir Feel)

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of Performers: Teen and Adult

Length: 20 minutes

Set: Simple –  the crummy downtown office of a private eye with a untidy desk with drawers and a coat rack. There is a chair for a client to sit on and a telephone on the desk.

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