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Prelude to Murder – British Whodunit Script

British whodunit script


Well-deserved holiday? Check. Beautiful apartment in the Canary Islands? Check. Some much needed R&R? Double check for both R’s. Good friends, James and Ollie are supposed to be enjoying their time on holiday. It is also the perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends who’ve also taken to the Canaries (though Ollie is somewhat ambivalent to them). That is until tragedy strikes. Ollie has been murdered and for a hot second it seems that James might be a key suspect in this British whodunit script.

Less than a few hours after James is questioned by investigating officers, when none other than Ollie himself walks into their shared apartment. It seems someone has been murdered but the police have no idea who. In this two act comedy-drama not all is as it seems as the mystery unfolds to reveal ghosts from the past, obscurities of the present and the guilty feet that will try their luck, dancing into the future.

It isn’t how you’re murdered but how you’re not.

Author: Stan Thompson

Genre: British whodunit script, crime

Type: Two-act play script

Cast: Mains 2M, 1F. Total cast: 7M, 4F (but one of the F must play two F characters)

Ages of the actors: Adult. Main characters are in their mid twenties

Suitable for: Adults

Length: Ninety minutes

Set: The apartment terrace is furnished with two sun loungers, a large table with a parasol, four high-back chairs with cushions, and a small plastic side table. Two large cactus plants, in tubs, stand either side of the patio doors leading into the apartment.
The exterior walls of the apartment are painted brilliant white. The terrace tiles are cream terracotta. There are four exterior walls lights – two each side of the double patio doors, which are shaded by an internal vertical blind.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization

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When was 1916? – Irish play about the Easter Rising

Irish play about the Easter rising


1916 – a time of turmoil when the Irish sought independence from Britain and they were prepared to fight for it. It was mid world war 1.

“They did not expect it to win power, what they planned was a spectacle, a gesture to transform public opinion,” he said.

Pat, an Irishman living now yearns to write about the Easter Rising of 1916.   As an Irishman himself Pat understands the importance of what he wants to do. Even if he were to overlook the significance of the certain elements he wants to portray, his trusty (and let’s face it) annoying laptop companion, Nat, would never let him forget about them in this Irish play about the Easter Rising.

Pat is challenged by Nat to delve deeper into the exploration of the Easter Rising by choosing to write a play. According to Nat the events were a momentous theatrical occasion and so Pat has all the material he can use at his disposal. Together, they study a typical Irish family, political figures, and military personnel to get the most colourful picture of the occurrences of the Irish countrymen’s bid for an independent republic.

The burden of a writer is rarely over even when the project is complete and lucky for Pat, Nat is with him every step of the way and beyond!

Read about playwright Charles Barry

Author: Charles W. Barry

Genre: Historical, Irish play about the Easter Rising

Type: Full length one act play

Length: 75 minutes

Cast: 14M, 2F. Main characters are 2M

Ages of the actors: All adult and two children.

Suitable: All ages to watch and perform

Set: A stage with table and chair and a laptop and an optional screen for the audience on which images can be projected. 

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – Historically accurate portrayal of characters and events

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