We’re open for submissions until May second 2018. Please submit your scripts to the following email address:

Submit my 2018 script

Please include a short synopsis of the script and a short bio about yourself.

Please note:

Submissions should be in either word or PDF format

Poor spelling or grammar in the script means we’re unlikely to accept it so please do a thorough check before submitting your script.

Layout should either look like this:

Mary:           Where are you, Samuel? (Glancing around, nervously)

Samuel:       In the forest, silly! (Laughing)


Or like this:


Where are you, Samuel?

                                                        (Glancing around nervously)


In the forest, silly!


Plays submitted in the submission month will be reviewed over the following 11 months, so if you submit your script at the beginning of April, you’ll usually hear from us within 8 weeks  but if you submit on the very last day, you’ll likely only hear back from us in a few months time as we review 6 plays a month.  The best two plays from the batch of six are chosen per month for publishing.


 At Off the Wall plays, we serve two functions – on our front end, we sell plays and on our back end, we accept plays from aspiring writers, who, as talented as they are, struggle to get their plays published.

 The plays are copyrighted by Off The Wall Plays and/or in the author’s name, and the authors receive royalties every time their play is bought. The Plays are stored on a remote website, so no one will be able to download a play without paying for it first.

Off The Wall Plays is a  young, online publishing house whose aim is to attract quality playwrights with fresh, new ideas as opposed to our larger competitors.  We accept your plays free of charge. Off The Wall Plays will publish your play and get it out there for you. If your play sells, you will get 50% of the Royalties of each sale from the beginning.

Because Off The Wall Plays is a smaller publishing house, we have the resources and time it needs to get your play out there. We put a synopsis and sample of your your play on the front page of the website, when your play goes live, so it gets seen and not just filed into a genre with thousands of other plays. It stays in our top ten new plays for the next 5 months.We place a sample of your script on the website, not the full play so no one will be able to illegally use your work.

If your play sells well, we will add it to our “Best Sellers” list, automatically ranking it higher than ordinary plays, the price increases, and so do your Royalties. Plays bought to be used for a run or a season will also have license fees that will be paid by the organization that purchased the play, and 50% of those will go to the authors as well.

Once your play has been submitted, your play will be reviewed by our editor, who will contact you. Please have a look at our guidelines for submitting your play – by following these guidelines it will help your play sell.  We don’t mind correcting the odd typo, but plays with many spelling mistakes, missing punctuation marks and poor grammar will be sent back to the authors for correction before they can be considered for publishing, so please make sure yours is 100% first before you send it! We also try to get back to authors within a few days at most so they will know almost immediately that their script has been received and whether or not it will be published. 

We also run a reasonably priced play editing service for our authors.

Basic guidelines for writing plays

Please note that we only accept plays that do not have restrictions placed on them by other publishing houses. If your play has been published already, Off the Wall Plays cannot publish it on this site without permission from the publishing houses concerned. Please note that Off The Wall Plays relies on the honesty and discretion of the authors in this regard and cannot be held liable or responsible by any other Publishing House if the author of the play has attempted to have his/her play published illegally. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to publish any play that may be considered to be blatantly offensive or obviously pornographic.

International Copyright Laws state (in countries other than the United States of America) that once a play is published, it is considered to be copyrighted by the author and/or the publishing house and no other person may attempt to publish the work under another author’s name unless copyright has expired on the material or permission from both the author and the publishing house has been given. If the author is a resident of the United States of America, then the play should also be registered with the appropriate body in the USA in order for copyright to hold.
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  1. Hi, I recently submitted several plays to your fine website, and I was wondering when I would should expect a response. My name is Landen Swain, I submitted about 12 days ago.

    1. Dear Landen,

      Thanks – we did receive your scripts. It will take some time to read through them, as we have a large number of submissions at the moment. We should get back to you within 8 weeks.


      Dewan Demmer
      Off The Wall Plays

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