These plays are written for performance by or to appeal to teen audiences. Many of the teen plays in this category have been staged before and have been highly successful in their own right.

 teen plays


A Manger Carol – a Nativity Play for kids and teens

After Ever After – a fairytale Musical for schools

Aladdin – comedy script

Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for!

Awaiting patients – comedy for high school festivals

Boy-1 – science fiction play for teens

Call of the riled – short skit for Thanksgiving

Choices – South African plays for teenagers

Conformity – drama for high school students

Disharmony commercial – short comedy skit about a dating agency

Doctor Duplicate – short medical skit

Dreamtime – play about teen murder based on the notorious murders of two Dartmouth Professors in 2001

Enchanted – plays for Junior High – two scouts lost in the woods encounter a magical kingdom

ESPN, B.C. – teen action comedy script

Finding my Root – South African Monologue

Foreign gifts – powerful play for teens/young people about communism and capitalism

Friends and Family – teen drama script

Forgotten – what happened after Neverland? Large cast fantasy play

Getting this close – award winning teen romantic comedy for high school

Grace will lead me home –  Grace’s quest to find a magical cure for her ill mother takes her on a fantastic adventure

Handsome and Griddle – short skit on Hansel and Gretel

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays

Hot Fudge Pickles – THE Musical for tweens

Judge Chewout – courtroom comedy skit

Lady T – one act drama for high school and drama college

Little Red Walking Hood – skit on little red riding hood

My Little Mermaid – skit on The Little Mermaid

Jack Masterson and the Case of Absurdity- a two act “who-stole-it” comedy

Mirror – play for younger teens

Molly and the magic phone – musical for children and young teens

My Child – a short drama about an unwanted teen pregnancy

Never alone – play about teen depression

Oedipus the play – classic Greek mythological tale in the format of a play

One fine day in the operating room – short medical skit

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie

Peter’s Dream – a three act play for high school

Rebecca, the child – a short one act play about teen peer pressure

Ribbit – award winning comedy script about believing in fairy tales

Return to Vardia – Three act adventure for a large cast

Santa’s Holiday – South African Christmas play

Shriek! The Fairytale – teen musical comedy

Six days till Sunday – one act play for teens and amdram

Sleeping Beauty – the Pantomime – teen pantomime

Snow Good – Hilarious Snow White pantomime in the style of the Goons

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – British Snow White panto

Snow White and the Seven Ugly Sisters – alternative funny pantomime script

Someone to remember – a one act teen drama

Start Wreck – short skit on Star Trek

Survivors include – one act teen drama about teen suicide

The astounding works of Simon Trout – hilarious teen one act

The Back Seat – drama about college rape

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

The book of souls – teen drama about bringing loved ones back from the dead

The confederation of radically altered people (CRAP) – superhero comedy play

The Dragons of Spring – a two-act medieval teen comedy

The End of Class – Teen sci-fi comedy

The Fourth Wall – teen one act adventure comedy

The Gold Medallion – three act adventure play for a large young cast

The Last Time I saw Paris – teen parody on the whole horse of Troy thing

The Lost Treasure Map – Pantomime for teens. With Pirates!

The masked avenger – superhero skit

The Seven Suits – teen sci-fi comedy about the apocalypse (well almost) and an unlikely team of heroes who save earth

Trolls Stole the North Pole – musical Christmas play

Wandering Bard’s Tale – A Fairytale in One Act – for junior high or middle school

The Way Out- comedy about escaping from the loony bin

The Witch’s Cackle – one act ghost story for Halloween

The Wizard of Odd – a pantomime script of the Wizard of Oz

Ursula – fairytale about a princess who escapes her imprisonment in a castle by turning into a bear

Villains incorporated – award winning Teen one act

White widow – teen ghost story script

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