Science Fiction Stage Play Scripts – Sci-fi and fantasy

science fiction stage play scripts



2093 – An action packed Sci-fi  – Screenplay about a futuristic assassin with amplified mind powers

Darkest Before Dawn – Vampire love – does it exist?

Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplays


Alien research – Funny play for primary school

An ordinary man –  Comedy about a guy who’s simply tired of being a werewolf and thus in denial.

Death of a Gerbil When you wake up dead one day to find out that Heaven made a mistake

Death’s no laughing matter A young actress strikes a bargain with death

Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – exactly what it says

God help us – dark religious comedy scripts – God’s been delayed at an intergalactic conference and now earth is about to be destroyed!

Goddle – sci-fi comedy scripts When a human spacecraft crash lands on the telepathic planet Goddle, humerous chaos follows as the aliens invade the human minds.

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – Once you’re dead, your love life isn’t over.

Pirate Appreciation day – comedy script about pirates. Aargh!

Start Wreck – short skit on Star Trek

Waiting –  What starts out as a battle of the sexes, ends as a battle of the species, all in the shopping mall toilet.

Wotcha! Gotcha! Steampunk panto in which Alice is sucked into an alternate universe by the evil Mad Hat and Moriarty


Boy-1 – science fiction play for teens

Becoming Disappeared –  Creepy short sci-fi for 2M set in a post apocalyptic world

Believe A troubled girl with psychic powers visits a psychologist with an ulterior motive

Carmilla Classic vampire love story

Hikers – one act for 2M. Where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of your life forever

Next – drama script about a killer virus striking a small town

Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later

Starline 117 – a man is found waiting at the airport for a flight that will never come

Where’s Mr M? – sci fi stage play set in a world where you think you control your life. But you don’t.

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