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Buy your drama play script today – we have a wide variety – from the one act drama that is great for play festivals to full length drama scripts.



A Gift – ten minute drama play for two male actors

After the Pyre – male monologue. When you’re left to pick up the pieces

Becoming Disappeared – short eerie sci fi script for 2M

Believe – ten minute play scripts

Family Exercise – a short one act drama in free verse

Lady Killers – three monologues by women who kill or have killed

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays

My Child – a short drama about a baby both wanted and unwanted

Rhetorical – one act couple drama

Sketches – a collection of comedy and drama sketches for teens

Survivors include – one act teen drama about teen suicide

The associate – short drama script about the effects of infidelity in a marriage for two actors

The Bowl of Soup – a play about her. She’s leaving him and he’s eating a bowl of soup.  Award winning play.

The happy Hornbill – play script about spousal abuse

The Investigation – award winning short drama script

The Ship has sailed – ten minute drama about asking her out, way too late

The Witch’s Cackle – one act ghost story for Halloween

Why shoot your husband? Ten minute drama scripts


Anna, alone – one act drama about a girl dealing with multiple personality disorder

Behind the nets – one act 1930’s period drama script

Dislocations – drama about an African American man lost in the wrong place at the wrong time

Dreidel – Jewish children’s plays

Family exercise – a short one act drama

Hikers – one act for 2M. Where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of your life forever

Lady Killers – three monologues by women who kill or have killed

Mateo falcone – classic tragedy in one act

Never alone – play about teen depression

Oedipus the play – classic Greek mythological tale in the format of a play

Restaurants at Beautiful times – a one act drama for four actors

Surprises – short one act drama for two women

Mysterious Death of Christine Wilde – young actress with a promising career poisoned

Roots and wings – award winning two hander drama for two men

The Any Key – short monologues for men

The Encounter – romantic drama for two actors

The Restaurants are Screaming – award winning period drama play

Two Brothers – a two hander one act play

Wall Flower house – a play about conquering agoraphobia

When summer dies of shame – one act drama for three actors

White widow – teen ghost story script

Wilson – one act duologue for 1M 1F


A Castle:Broken Apart one act drama for a cast of 3

A Love, never forgotten – comedy – drama for mature actors set in a retirement home

A Man’s home – one act American drama

A Payment Unkind – one act about sexual exploitation in the entertainment industry

A Puzzle for two – a philosophical play

Abstinence only – a one act psychological adult drama

Agatha the ugly – period drama about friendship

Antigone – Greek Tragedy script

Boy-1 – science fiction play for teens

Chicken salad – drama for two women

Choice – hard hitting British drama scripts

Choices – South African plays for teenagers

Faith – an abused woman’s story in one act

First to see the lights go on -drama about postnatal depression

Friends and Family – teen drama script

Irish Jack – drama comedy about marrying outside your culture

Lady T – one act drama for high school and drama college

Lies”R”Us – what happens when teens lie to the ones they love

Love is a stranger – British one act about forbidden love

Mirror – play for younger teens

Molly and the magic phone – musical for children

On Golden Wings – play about composer Guiseppe Verdi

One act play – British award winning one act play – comedy drama

Road toll – one act drama for 4 actors

Six Accusers – Christian one act plays

Someone to remember – a one act teen drama

Starline 117 – a man is found waiting at the airport for a flight that will never come

The Appointment with God – a one act family drama

The Box – one act drama script

The Gold Locket – family saga involving a unknown face in a gold locket

The things that happen in New York – drama about a young couple losing their apartment

Three’s a crowd – drama about a love triangle between a girl and two gay guys

Uncovered – romantic drama script

Ursula – fairytale about a princess who escapes her imprisonment in a castle by turning into a bear

Used hearts – romantic drama script

You Do Love Me, Don’t You – a slight funny, Scary Psycho Thriller in One Act


A Contemporary Christmas Carol – a modern day Scrooge story

A Deep Rural Tract – American court case drama script

Aldous remembers – a drama about love

An Empty Chair – inside the mind of a comatose man

Baggage claim – British tense drama scripts

Blasphemous Rumours – a satirical drama. Set in hell.

Carmilla – stage play script about vampires

Clear as Clear – a one act cowboy drama

 Disney in Deutsland – biography about the relationship between Hitler and Walt Disney

Dreamtime – play about teen murder based on the notorious murders of two Dartmouth Professors in 2001

Finding my Root – South African Monologue

Frida and Diego – play about Frida Kahlo

Holiday shorts – collection of short plays for the holidays – total 60 minutes altogether

Marvin’s Fetish – gay drama for two actors

Prelude to Macbeth – award winning modern Shakespeare play

Riding a Peacock -African American Family Drama

Scream – one act apocalyptic suspense thriller

Shapeless – a full length one act satire dealing with eating disorders

The Condition – a one act drama

The Devil Dances – twisted sexual drama in one act

The Pen – South African Play Scripts about love, reality and fantasy

The Simple Hard – a South African township drama

The Visit – French family drama

Trailer Trash – a drama for four actors

Two Many Witnesses – a courtroom drama script in one act

Verbal prostitution – a psychological drama for four actors

Waiting for Nelson – South African Drama play

Why Affairs Happen – a 90 minute 1 act hospital drama

Yvette – period drama romance set in Paris


All in the past – murder mystery play scripts

Boise, USA – follows the homosexuality scandal enveloping the USA in the 50s

Bourgeois Behavior – a 2 act play about coming out of the closet

By The Rivers of Babylon – American Drama Script

Check Off in the sun – family drama script

Conformity – drama for high school students

Deliverance – play about Joan of Arc

Early Liberty – two act American drama play

Enchanted – plays for Junior High

Forgotten – what happened after Neverland? Large cast fantasy play

Great Land – a journey of discovery and Elvis. Two act drama romance

Lies You Can’t Make up – a drama script about JFK

Memory Palace – lovely script about the life of a typical family spanning generations

Parade day – drama about Roswell, years later

Pigcat – two act challenging drama for four actors

Pigeons – the story of a potential millionaire in 2 acts

Shadow Government – American political drama script

The Back Seat – drama about college rape

The Faun – a fictional drama about Michelangelo

The Price of a Ghost – a dramatic ghost story for stage in two acts

The Robber Baron and the Baker Thief

The Scepter has Departed – a Jewish Drama in 2 acts

The serpent under it – play about Helen Duncan a WWII psychic medium tried as a witch

Todd – full length drama script based on ‘Sweeney Todd’

Tranquility Disturbed – a comedy drama in two acts

Twenty First Century Stomp – a drama in rap in two acts

Where’s Mr M? – sci fi stage play set in a world where you think you control your life. But you don’t.


A House Divided – a Civil War Play in four acts

Acrisius – modern classic Greek plays for a large cast

Daughter like you – family drama about coping with the loss of a child
Lonely birds and shadow figures – psycho thriller script

Parlor City Noir – a  classic film noir whodunit script

Return to Vardia – Three act adventure for a large cast

Taylor – a four act play about loss

The Gold Medallion – three act adventure play for a large young cast

The Judas Web – Nigerian drama script for large cast

Monthly Payments – full length drama for 7 actors

Next – drama script about a killer virus striking a small town

Some Unfinished Chaos – poignant comedy about the relationship between a failing writer and his protege

Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – ghost story scripts

The promise – drama thriller script

The Pump Room – a Drama set in Post Apartheid South Africa

The release of Theodore Marlow – romantic period drama script about joining a lost love

The Royal Blood cannot be Mixed – Nigerian drama script

Theseus and Ariadne – Greek style plays

Victims of the Forest – medieval scary plays

War Stories – a 3 act cop drama


Once a Pirate – action packed Period screenplay


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