A Second Chance – a group of dead people are given a chance to change events in history

  • Cast 9 6M 3F
  • Length 25 minutes

Carmilla – stage play script about vampires

  • Cast 5F 4M
  • Length 80 minutes

Check Off in the sun – family drama script

  • 4M 5F
  • Length 120 minutes

Childish Authors – comedy about two authors and a room full of kids

  • 3F 6 kids
  • Length 20 minutes

Clown car – an hilarious whodunit script. With clowns.

  • 4M, 5F
  • LengthJust under Two hours

Don’t say you’re Harry – a two act farce

  • 5M 3F, maid and 2-3 non speaking guests
  • Length 90 minutes

Father – one act comedy about a priest who gets stuck with it all on his first day

  • Cast 7M 2F
  • Length 60 minutes

He’s Behind You – a comedy, whodunit and pantomime rolled into one

  • 6M 3F
  • Length 90-110 minutes

Irish Jack – drama comedy about marrying outside your culture

  • 4M 5F
  • Length 35 minutes

Mister Hislop’s Dating Agency – funny ghost story script

  • Cast 9 5M 4F
  • Length 80-90 minutes

North Fork – when two brothers love the same girl – it causes a rift in the family that may never heal

  • Cast of 9 4F 5M
  • Length 40 minutes

King of the Sea – short children’s play

  • Cast of 8 plus waves
  • Length 5 minutes

Lovely, dark and deep – one act sci fi drama about a man’s journey to another world

  • 5F, 3M, 1N
  • Length 35 minutes


Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie

  • 7-10 actors
  • Length 4-5 minutes

Tales of Dark imagination:The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven society – ghost story scripts

  • Cast 9-13 actors including one F older child
  • Length 75-90 minutes

The Blueberry Balladeer – plays for youth theatre

  • Cast 9-19 actors
  • Length 1.5- hours

The End of Class – comedy sci-fi script for teens

  • Cast 6M 3F
  • Length just over 10 minutes

The Franklin Franklin Show – comedy about a retired boxer turned talk show host

  • Cast 4M 5F
  • Length 50 minutes

White widow – teen ghost story script

  • Cast 6F 3M
  • Length 20 minutes

You are your own worst enemy – American period comedy about a small town hotel

  • Cast 4M 5F
  • Length 90 minutes

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