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The Window – a one act about marriage

comedy play about marriage
THE WINDOW – A one act about marriage

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In this one act about marriage, Howie and Sheila have been happily married for about two years and are the typical young upper middle class couple, who go to the gym, eat right and know what they want from life. What Howie wants is to to go the theater, but what Sheila wants, is to knock a big hole into the wall where a painting of Howie’s is, so that she can have a window there instead.

This turns into a domestic spat, which isn’t helped by the arrival of Sheila’s hick cousin, Geri (Jerry), a know it all relation who has come to stay with them.

Leonard has written about a dozen full length plays and somewhat more one act plays. Some have won prizes: full length plays “Laramie, Equal Rights” and “Clara” won awards at the Shoreline Readers Theater, 2009 and 2010, in Washington State. “Road Rage” and “Apartment 4G” won in the 2010-2011 “Ink to Boards” One-Act Play Competition at Wildfire Arts. Several plays have been produced locally in the Seattle, Washington and in New York are others have been read at writers’ workshops, and some at festivals.

The author will allow workshopping of the play, subject to the right of refusal and he must be notified through us of any suggested modifications two weeks in advance.

Author: Leonard Goodisman

Type: One act  play, one act about marriage

Genre: Comedy, drama-comedy

Length: Fifty to sixty minutes

Ages of actors: Two in late 20’s, one any age

Number of actors: Three, 3. Either 2M 1F or 2F 1M

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – it’s a character driven dry comedic piece

Set: Simple – an upmarket lounge or sitting room. The painting can be real or imagined.

Read a  sample of the script

Cost is $5 for this play by award winning writer Leonard Goodisman

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