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Lovely, dark and deep – one act science fiction play

one act science fiction play


It’s an arsehole world we live in. You know it, I know it, Dee knows it. Dee knows it well enough for her to lose sleep over it. Pondering the injustices and outraged over the indelicacies of
the human spirit, her only question is ‘Why’?

Although he cannot answer for the world and what it has become, Dee’s dad takes it upon himself to explain why things could be worse and how humanity is not completely forsaken. It’s a story he knows all too well, one he has mulled over all his years since it first aggressively presented itself to him. It is a story that, like many others, is at its core, a lesson and ironically; the lesson was never intended for him.

This is the story: Once upon a time, a guy decided to play a practical joke in which a weird unearthly sound would terrify his wife, in order to cure her of her supernatural superstition. Only, little did he know that his joke would lead to another dimension altogether, a dimension dangerous and deadly. The only way out would be to retain his humanity.

The greatest story ever told, will be yours.

Read about playwright Pete Mesling

Author: Pete Mesling

Genre: One act play, science fiction

Type: One act play

Length: Thirty five minutes

Cast: Cast of eight to nine. 5F, 3M, 1N

Ages of the actors: One older child, one young woman, the rest adult to older.

Suitable for: Teen and adult actors. One child actress in the script, could be played by a young teen.
Slightly scary for young children to watch.

Set: Various – a porch, a bedroom, the cellar, another dimension. Can be staged in various locations on stage, with minimal furniture or at the director’s discretion.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – scene changes

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital one act science fiction play

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Copyright © March 2017 Pete Mesling and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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An ordinary man – comedy about a guy who is tired of being a werewolf. Really tired.
Mister Hislop’s dating agency – just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t date!
Starline 117 – a man is found waiting in an airport for a flight that will never come

The Lady of the Lake Murder – a murder mystery script

murder mystery script


It is the annual meeting of the Shadow Council, a group of powerful immortals headed by Merlin. Among the chartered members of the Council are Morgan le Fay, Queen Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and Niniane, the infamous Lady of the Lake. Also in attendance are three young Wardens assigned to protect an immortal charge. Unfortunately, The Lady of the Lake had been murdered in this Arthurian murder mystery script.

It was (almost) a perfect murder. The tracks were (mostly) covered up. The Lady of the Lake, Nianine had not been seen a while(ish) and the council of Immortals; his serene magicness Merlin, her royal, dark highness Queen Guinevere, her royal lover Sir Lancelot and a beautiful Morgan Le Fay; would (most likely) be certainly happy to hear of Nianine’s death. The happiness amongst the Immortals would (probably) be ten-fold as they are forbidden from killing one another and so none could be charged with the crime. So who did it then? The Inquisitor is about to find out and he’s happy to have us in on the inquisition as the investigation unfolds and a certain Warden may become a ward of the fates.

As the time for the meeting draws near and the immortals begin to gather it comes to light that each of the immortals has a grudge against Niniane, including her own Warden. When it is learned Niniane has been murdered, beheaded with Excalibur, an artifact entrusted to her Warden accusations begin to fly and it becomes the responsibility of the Councils Chief Inquisitor, a stereotypical police investigator, to learn the truth and bring the murderer to justice. The penalty for this crime is death.

The Lady of the Lake Murder is a mystery steeped in Arthurian Lore drawn from the works of Mallory and the Vulgate Cycle.

Read about playwright David Schmidt. Other scripts – The Dark Chronicles of the Golden Raven Society: A horror script by David

Author: David Schmidt

Genre: Murder mystery script, whodunit

Type: Two act play

Cast: 4M, 4F but the inquisitor can also be played by a F instead of a M.

Ages of the actors: Adult – young adults to older

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Set: The secret chamber of the Shadow Council. UP LEFT CENTER is a large stone fireplace. Heavy wooden doors on each side of the fireplace lead into and out of the chamber. CENTER is a small, round table draped with a purple and black table cloth that goes to the ground. In the center of the table is a clawed plinth with a crystal ball on top of it. Behind the table, set in a semi-circle, are four throne-like chairs. The center two chairs are larger than the two that flank them. A fire appears to be glowing in the fireplace.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a lovely mix of a typical hard-boiled whodunit detective story and mythical characters

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

Contact Off the Wall Plays with any queries about The Lady of the Lake Murder

Copyright © March 2017 David Schmidt and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Parlor City Noir – a Film Noir classic whodunit script
Mascot Masquerade – a whodunit play set at a masked ball
Murder and other fun things

Where’s Mr M – two act science fiction playscript


science fiction playscript

Is it a conspiracy? Or just a product of an overactive imagination? In the United States, a secret corporation exists whose sole aim is to to foster the United State’s utter dependence on fossil fuels.

They’re greedy, corrupt and have absolute power. To do whatever they want. They control the government. And they’re building vast underground concentration camps connected by a railway network in which to incarcerate all opponents. Or are they? Workers on the project who become suspicious or even curious disappear without a trace as do many of their contacts outside the project. Other contacts are subjected to physical or mental psychological programming or are harassed by the police. But it can’t be true? Surely? What’s true and isn’t is hotly debated by the characters in the play. But don’t let your suspicions get too public. Or you might just …..

Greg Miller discovers their secret, one  that threatens the existence of the entire human race. But what he does not anticipate is how much of a pawn he has become in the mother of all mass mind control missions. It is up to Greg to save the world although he can barely save his marriage, and as time starts to slip through his fingers he must face the facts that time itself was his undoing long before he knew what he knows now…

Where’s Mr M is a two act science fiction playscript with creepy Orwellian overtones. It shows the possibility of there being something far more sinister than people think out there, governing everyone’s daily lives. The sub-plots contribute to the development of the play as the characters argue amongst themselves as to the validity of their suspicions and fall foul of the plotters. But, is it real or is it a nightmare? Even at the end one is never quite sure. The sub-plots will each strike a chord with different audience members thus generating a lot of robust discussion afterwards.

Author: John-Paul Brennan

Genre: Science fiction playscript

Type: Two-act play, screenplay (The play has been workshopped on stage but is written in the style of a screen play so can easily fit into both genres)

Cast: 2M 1F main cast. Many smaller roles (at least twenty) exist throughout the play. They can also be played by more than one actor.

Ages of the actors: Teenage to adult.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 90 minutes

Set: If produced as a stage play, a black box set is advised because of the scene changes, possibly with back projection to set the new scene and do the effects.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 The play requires a largish cast and, because of the frequent scene changes, imaginative and competent set designers.

Read a sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Where’s Mr M?

Copyright © August 2016 John-Paul Brennan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Shadow Government – tense political thriller script
2093 – science fiction screenplay set in the year 2093
Boy – 1 – science fiction play for teens

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Parade day – two act drama about Roswell, years later

DRAMA about Roswell


Things could not be worse for east coast pharmaceutical sales Edward Laurens. His life is a disaster – the wife’s left him and he knows he’s going to lose his job.

Edward’s idea to cope, or avoid it all, is drive across the country on route to Californian to his annual sales meetings. And between the east and west coasts, maybe he find himself. That’s a glorious notion.

Alone and wandering through New Mexico the past week, Edward runs his life through his head until he’s so utterly depressed he’s at the end of it. And then he stops at the Flying Saucer Diner in Roswell, New Mexico.

Edward doesn’t know Roswell celebrates its notoriety as the place where a flying saucer crashed years ago, or so the town proclaims through years of hype and cheesy promotion.

His luck could not get any worse; it’s the day of the town’s annual flying saucer parade. He walks into the diner and meets the owner, Buddy. Buddy is the last living eyewitness to the infamous crash. Buddy hates everything about the town’s zany celebration and the parade, and takes Edward to be “one” of them – a crazy UFO fanatic.

The town’s mayor wants Buddy to ride down Main Street in the parade, but Buddy refuses. The town sees him as a stubborn and bitter old man. What no one understands is that he’s no longer sure what did happen that day of the crash. He’s angry that at the end of his life, all he’s become is the last living witness and nothing more.

Then Edward meets Buddy’s waitress, Katie. She ‘s an intriguing small town girl with a string of bad relationships that have not diminished her big dreams – if she knew what they were. She is desperate to leave, desperate to find love, desperate to be loved. There is a spark between the withdrawn Edward and Katie that pushes them both to attempt to try to change their lives.

The play is fleshed out with the comings and goings of various characters that wander into the diner, each with different agendas, from weirdness to cruelty.

In PARADE DAY, the crash, aliens, and the ridiculous circus that envelops the town, become a metaphor about drift and detachment from one another, and our need to be understood. The play brings Buddy, Edward, and Katie to the lines they have drawn in the dirt, opening the door to the possibility for them all to step back across.

Read about award winning playwright Terry Roueche. Other plays (Roots and Wings – award winning one act drama) by Terry.

Author: Terry Roueche

Genre: Drama about Roswell

Type: Two act play, full length romantic comedy drama

Cast: Main characters 3M 1F, Smaller characters, some of which can be played by the same actors: 3M 3F

Ages of the actors: Cast of adults ages 20 to 70

Suitable for: All ages but meant for adults

Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Set: Flying Saucer Diner, Roswell, New Mexico

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – lovely comedy drama romance with a touch of sci fi written by one of our best selling award winning authors.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7 for this editor’s choice play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Parade Day

Copyright © August 2016 Terry Roueche and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other plays of a similar genre:

Starline 117 – Science fiction stage play. A man is found sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight that will never arrive.
Great Land – a journey of discovery as two people travel to Graceland in search of the King
Aldous remembers – a drama romance about losing your memories including those of the people you love

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Starline 117 – science fiction stage play

superhero play script


In this science fiction stage play, Edgar Stanson has been sitting in the same seat for two days in a small airport. When asked by security if he needs assistance he tells them he has arrived on Starline flight 117 and is waiting to be picked up by his driver.
Security tells him they will call his driver for him. He gives them the number to call. The phone number connects to a funeral home. When security go back to Edgar they find him dead.

They also find out that Starline was a small airline whose first flight 117 crashed twenty five years ago with no survivors. All bodies but one were found and they were taken to the funeral home which security called. Edgar Stanson has finally returned home.

“Starline 117” was produced as a radio play by Shoestring Theater Productions.

Read other sci-fi screenplays – shadows of time – when you travel through time for the woman you love by Stan Jankaitis.

Author: Stan Jankaitis

Genre: Science fiction stage play, ghost story

Type: One act play

Cast: 4M, 3F, 3N and a few extras (optional as not essential to the plot)

Ages of the actors: Any, all adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 25-30 minutes

Minimum: Few rows of seats. Security desk with telephone.
Same as minimum but with a backdrop of the inside of an airport terminal with a window.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – making the ordinary into the extraordinary

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Starline 117

Copyright © June 2016 Stan Jankaitis and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Death’s no laughing matter – a comedy in which a young actress strikes a bargain with DEATH
Hikers – where a chance encounter on a mountainside can change the course of a young man’s life forever
Next – a killer virus strikes a small town. Who will be left?

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Boy 1 – science fiction play for teens

science fiction play for teens


It is the future in a female dominated society. Artificial insemination guarantees the birth of female babies only but a mistake has been made. Twins are born and the boy, Stephen, also known as boy-1 is allowed to live, but without him knowing, his every move is being watched by a group known as ‘The Operation.’ The twins are separated at a young age, and Stephen is sent to live with a family who watch him grow. However, he never forgets his twin, Seneca and one day when he meets her by accident, he follows her to her apartment.

Seneca is however, not who she seems to be, as she is totally loyal to the operation, hating all men. When he has gone, she reports Stephen to the Operation, and in the middle of the night, Stephen is kidnapped by two Operation girls and is brought to Operation Headquarters where he is made a prisoner. Doctor Cartise, the ruler entrusts Liberty, a male hating young woman to guard Stephen who remains under their control for months.

However, Seneca, who is a favourite of Dr Cartise becomes aware that Liberty and Stephen have grown dangerously close and confronts Stephen, who tells her everything, never believing his own sister would betray him to The Operation, and thus his own death….

Author: Claire Caviglia

Type: One act play

Genre: Science fiction play for teens

Cast: 18F 1M

Ages of the actors: Older children, teens and a few adults but all can be played by teens of various ages, with make up

Suitable for: PG 10 (Mild violence end of play)

Length: 45 minutes

Set: The stage is split into a number of scenes – an office, an apartment or bedroom and the orphanage.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 crowd control and scene changes

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this previously staged digital science fiction play for teens

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Boy-1

Like this play? Other sci-fi’s for you to enojoy:

2093 – the time 2093 and Psi, a man with ampplified mind powers must fight the evil corporation in this screenplay
Death’s no laughing matter -a young actress strikes a bargain with death
Explain the handcuffs – a time travel adventure

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Hikers – one act for two male actors

one act for two male actors


During his annual escape from the concrete jungle, Kurt Fowler, a high school teacher encounters a college student on a desert mountainside. The college kid is a cheery distraction from his hike as they chat, finding out that they have much in common, such as attending the same school and studying a similar course. Their light hearted banter suddenly gets a lot more real when Kurt realizes the student is eerily familiar. This one act for two make actors cannot be classified as either a comedy or drama, but does have a touch of science fiction!

Hikers was produced in Dallas by TeCo Theatrical Productions in their 13th Annual New Play Festival, which ran from February 19 to March 1 of 2015, with the following cast:

Kurt – Mark Pearson
College Kid – Zahran Anwar

Author: Victor Bravo

Genre: One act play, science fiction, sci-fi

Type: One act play

Cast: 2M, two male actors

Ages of the actors: One 50’s, one 20’s

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten to fifteen minutes

Set: A mountain trail. Space. At director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – a nice one act for two male actors to get their teeth into.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this previously produced digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Hikers

Copyright © 2015 Victor Bravo

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Becoming disappeared – short sci-fi set in a post apocalyptic world
Believe – a troubled girl with a psychic powers visits a psychologist with an ulterior motive
Goddle – comedy sci-fi about when humans land on the telepathic planet Goddle and the aliens take over their minds

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Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplays

sci-fi screenplays


Sci-fi screenplays – Vince Gabriel, a wealthy 25-year-old dreamer falls madly in love with a woman he sees dancing in a video clip on the internet. Problem is the show aired fifty years ago. Vince knows the dancer’s name, Sherrie Evans and that the show he viewed was filmed in Los Angles in the year 1965.

Vince’s older brother, Scott, an eccentric genius who just so happened to invite a time machine, reluctantly agrees to send Vince back to 1965. He tells Vince the machine emits radiation, which only allows two trips for the traveler. A third trip would be deadly. And it wouldn’t be instant. It would take about ten years for symptoms to occur and another three painful years before death.

While back in 1965; Vince meets Sherrie and she also falls madly in love with him. All is going well until Scott, Vince’s brother, comes to 1965 and informs Vince that if he doesn’t return to his own time an accident will occur and Sherri will die. At this time Scott does not know when or where the accident will occur. Nor does he know what kind of accident it will be.

Vince, not wanting Sherrie to die returns to his own time, BUThe is crushed by losing Sherrie and becomes a full blown alcoholic. Scott, in the present time, finally finds out where Sherrie is but will not tell Vince until Vince gets straight. Vince cleans up and he goes to visit Sherrie who is now a 65-year-old Catholic Nun.

Scott finds out where and when the accident, which would have killed Sherrie, occurred. He tells Vince but also tells him he can’t return because of the time travel radiation. Vince decides that even though he will die a horrible death, ten good years with Sherrie is worth it and against advice from Scott returns to 1965.

What will happen next?

Read about playwright Stan Jankaitis.

Author: Stan Jankaitis

Genre: Romance, sci-fi screenplays, drama

Type: Screenplay

Length: Two hours

Cast: 2M 1F as leads but many smaller parts such as policeman, taxi drive, mugger etc.

Set: The present day and the 1960’s

Ages of the actors: Main characters are young- in their twenties at the start of the screenplay but age towards the end

Suitable for: All ages

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – The special effects are not great and can be used for student films.

Read a sample of the Screenplay

Cost is $30 for digital  sci-fi screenplays

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Shadows of time”

Like this screenplay? Other sci-fi screenplays for you:

2093 – sci fi screenplay set almost 100 years in the future
Darkest before dawn – screenplay about love between vampires
Straight to the top – screenplay set in the prohibition

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Becoming Disappeared – Short Sci-fi Play Script

sci-fi play script


In this sci-fi play script, set in post apocalyptic earth, the world has been destroyed by nuclear bombs and people have only been able to survive in isolated pockets amidst zones contaminated with radiation. This was only possible with the help of an alien race, the Numina who arrived to help mankind in its lowest hour, and then vanished a few years later.

Mankind has been afflicted recently with a wasting disease – a disease in which you ‘become disappeared.’ The symptoms start with forgetting simple things like your keys, and progress until you can’t even open a door on your own, and then….you disappear.

But the Major, Gabriel Canada has begun to suspect that something is not right with the people who are ‘becoming disappeared.’ People blame the Numina for the disappearances, saying that the Numina are still out there in the radioactive zones, taking people. But too many are vanishing and no one has the answer…

Author: Dana Shamlawi

Genre: Sci-fi play script

Type: Short one act play

Cast: Cast of 2M

Length: 8-10 minutes long

Set: An office with a desk, a telephone and a door

Ages of the actors: Adult actors – the two actors should be similar in age

Suitable for: All ages

Level of Difficulty: 6/10 – speeches

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6 for this new digital stage play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Becoming Disappeared

Copyright © Dana Shamlawi and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Waiting – the battle of the sexes becomes the battle of the universe in a mall bathroom
Goddle – sci-fi comedy scripts
Explain the handcuffs – a sci-fi comedy adventure

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Goddle – Sci-fi comedy script

sci-fi comedy script


In the not too distant future two earthlings crash land on a planet remarkably similar to Earth. They learn from two natives that the planet, Goddle, is inhabited by a race similar to humans but more developed due to the existence of a substance called Goddlemite. Goddlemite allows the inhabitants of Goddle to communicate telepathically by channelling their thoughts. The unwelcome intrusion by the Goddlians into the minds of the Earthlings leads to much confusion and romantic innuendo, eventually leading to animosity between the Earthlings and Goddlians.

However, the Earthlings learn that Goddlemite can also be used as a power source for their crashed space ship and they hatch a plan to steal Goddlemite so they can return to Earth. Without the power of Goddlemite to read each other’s mind the Goddlians struggle with the need to speak to each other but eventually manage to make their feelings known. When the Goddlians confront the Earthlings about the theft of the Goddlemite, they come to realise that they don’t need the power to read each others’ minds. The Earthlings are able to depart with the power source they need and the Goddlians must learn to cope with the new communication method that involves talking.

Read about playwright Revelly Robinson. Other plays by Revelly Robinson.

Author: Revelly Robinson

Genre: Sci-fi comedy script

Type: One act play

Length: Forty Minutes, 40 min

Number of actors: Four, 4, 2M 2F

Ages of the actors:  20s-40s

Suitable for: All ages

Set:  The crash site of a spaceship. The door of the spaceship should open and it should be jungle where it crashed. A second scene takes place in which there is a raised black podium.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – interactions between characters

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Goddle

Copyright April 2014 Revelly Robinson and Off The Wall Plays Publishers

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Explain the handcuffs – a time travelling adventure
2093 – action filled sci-fi screenplay
An ordinary man – a comedy about being a werewolf

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An Ordinary Man – a comedy about being a werewolf

comedy about being a werewolf


Jack, is a run of the mill kind of guy. He is married, lives in the suburbs and pays his taxes. It’s not his fault he’s a werewolf, and to be honest, he’s kind of tired of the whole thing, really. His wife, Judy is quite pragmatic about his little problem, and thinks he should just come out to his friends. And take his pills. Things aren’t helped by the fact that his best friend, Simon has recently been bitten by a vampire and is now one.  When his friend comes clean about being a vampire, and mentions he has potentially heard of a cure for them both, Jack leaps at the chance. But is it really a cure?

Read about playwright S Rob.

Author: S Rob

Genre: Comedy about being a werewolf

Type: One act play

Length: Thirty minutes 30 min

Number of actors: Four  3M, 1F

Ages of the actors:  Three twenties to thirties, 20-30s, one older male.

Suitable for:All ages

Set: A living room in a normal house

Level of  Difficulty:   6/10 – easy script, but few stage directions.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6

Cost is £4.50

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about An Ordinary Man

Copyright December 2013 Simon Robson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play?  Fancy one of our other dark comedies?

Death of a Gerbil – award winnng comedy about being dead, when you don’t know you are
Explain the handcuffs – a time travel adventure
Foulweather friend – a two act comedy about bringing your audience back from the dead
Stirred, not shaken – a James Bond style comedy about fiance’s, Martini’s and dead bodies

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Explain the Handcuffs – a time travel adventure – sci-fi comedy scripts

sci-fi comedy scripts
sci-fi comedy script


Frank and Maude’s love life has dwindled to a trickle over the past year, ever since Frank took to the basement in his quest to invent the first ever working time machine. In fact, Maude only sees him occasionally when he pops up for arbitrary items such as sunflower oil and the washing machine. In desperation, Maude has taken to redecorating their entire house and making herself even more gorgeous in order to catch his eye.
But what Maude doesn’t know is that Frank is actually on the verge of a major breakthrough that will catapult them three hundred years into the future….

Explain the handcuffs – a time travel adventure was staged by the Gaslight theatre players.

Authors:  Jeff Carlson and Zach Triplett

Type: Two-act comedy

Genre: Sci-fi comedy scripts

Length:  Two hours, 2 hr script

Number of Actors: Six,  3M  4F (two female parts are played by the same actress)

Suitable for: All ages

Ages of actors:  Four middle aged,  three in their late teens to late twenties

Set: A living room with doors to the basement, kitchen and the outside.

Level of Difficulty:  7/10 – maintaining the humor and making the futuristic characters believable.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7 for this previously produced play

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Explain the Handcuffs – a Time Travel Adventure

Copyright October 2013 Jeff Carlson,  Zach Triplett and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this script? Have a look at some other two-act comedies:

Foulweather friend – a two-act dark comedy about bringing your audience back from the dead
Heir to a misfortune – a short two act farce
Clown Car – an hilarious whodunnit script. With clowns

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WELCOME TO OFF THE WALL PLAYS – online play publishers. Submit Your Script today.

online play publishers

Off The Wall Plays – Online Play Publishers since 2010

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Off The Wall Plays is a  young, online publishing house whose aim is to attract quality playwrights with fresh, new ideas as opposed to our larger competitors.  We accept your plays free of charge. Off The Wall Plays will publish your play and get it out there for you. If your play sells, you will get 80% of the Royalties of each sale from the beginning.

Because Off The Wall Plays is a smaller publishing house, we have the resources and time it needs to get your play out there. We put a synopsis and sample of your your play on the front page of the website, when your play goes live, so it gets seen and not just filed into a genre with thousands of other plays. It stays in our top ten new plays for the next few months.We place a sample of your script on the website, not the full play so no one will be able to illegally use your work.

If your play sells well, we will add it to our “Best Sellers” list, automatically ranking it higher than ordinary plays, the price increases, and so do your Royalties. Plays bought to be used for a run or a season will also have license fees that will be paid by the organization that purchased the play, and 50% of those will go to the authors as well.

Once your play has been submitted, your play will be reviewed by our editor, who will contact you. Please have a look at our guidelines for submitting your play – by following these guidelines it will help your play sell.  We don’t mind correcting the odd typo, but plays with many spelling mistakes, missing punctuation marks and poor grammar will be sent back to the authors for correction before they can be considered for publishing, so please make sure yours is 100% first before you send it! We also try to get back to authors within a few days at most so they will know almost immediately that their script has been received and whether or not it will be published.


2093 – An action packed sci-fi screenplay



sci fi science fiction action movie scripts[ad name=”Tweet”]

Psy, an assassin with specially amplified mind powers, is hired to take out the leader of a giant Japanese corporation, Cyber Technologies Corporation. When he gets there, Kyosuke Yamatora is already dead and the police are hot on his trail…

An action packed sci-fi script set in a world not too far removed from our own.

Author: Michael Maxwell

Characters: 3M, 2F main

Genre: Sci Fi, Action

Type: Screenplay

Length: 2 hours

Suitable For: All Ages

Ages of Actors: Twenties up

View a Sample of the Screenplay

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Price: $30

Buy “2093” Now!

Copyright August 2011 Off The Wall Play Publishers




NEED HELP WITH EDITING YOUR PLAY? Online play script editing service


help with spelling and grammar of play script, manuscript

Has your play been rejected by editors or sent back because of spelling and grammar?
Our online play script editing service can help. For just 20 cents a page, we can edit your play to the layout you require, fix any typos, spelling mistakes and grammar. It’s a service we offer our valued playwrights.  But you don’t need to publish with us to make use of this service. It’s up to you.

Once we have edited your script, we will return it to you in both PDF and word formats.  (Due to the number of different word programs on the market,  we cannot guarantee that your word program won’t alter the appearance of the document slightly. But the PDF format will be an exact replica.)

We always advise that you check your play thoroughly once you receive it to ensure you are happy with the changes we have made. Also please be aware that this service is only available in English, for now. Please let us know if you want your play in UK or American English as spelling and grammar differ slightly.

Once you have submitted your script, we will check it over and let you know the cost of editing it. We don’t charge for header and footer pages, only the body of the script. We don’t alter the original meaning of the script, only the English is corrected. This online play script editing service is run by Off The Wall Plays but is open to anyone who needs to use it.

Please attach your manuscript to this e mail link here for a free editing quote

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