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The Easy Lovin’ Blues – Award winning drama script

award winning drama script


There’s a rhythm in lying. Lying to oneself, to others, both lean on a tempo that’s insistent and ever-present. We come to know that rhythm by the most convenient means; by way of our hearts. Like Naurean who inherited a complex from her mother, one that forces her to question her place in the world as she grows older. Or Trumpy, whose addiction to drugs and to Lady Blue is one in the same thing. Or Amanda whose ignorance, and coincidentally,
awareness of the world leaves her confused and disappointed by it. There’s a rhythm to it all, and in The Easy Lovin’ Blues, a drama, we find it’s a beat that is the same for Naurean, Amanda and Trumpy; the same song, over and over in this award winning  drama script.

Set in 1962, the play examines two triangular relationships, one between an illusive 41-year-old woman and her young, manipulative, would-be lover, the second between an aging musician (and drug addict) and his lover, a dominant and disturbed blues singer. The two couples are conjoined by a young woman (the older woman’s daughter), a dreamer who serves as the point both triangles have in common.

Each character is in pursuit — actively or in his/her fantasies — of some dream, and it is the collision of those pursuits that, metaphorically and cinematically, explores the hope, and the loss of hope, that combine in the dreams of urban society of the mid-twentieth century and of the present day.

The Easy-Lovin’ Blues is a 70-75-minute play (performed without intermission) with a cast of 3w and 2m. The play is highly visual and uses music extensively, including one, original, song. One actor must play the trumpet (or saxophone); one actress must sing. The set is a flexible interior/exterior.

Winner, Georgia Theatre Conference Competition (2015)
Winner, 2010 Bottle Tree Prods. (Kingston, ON) Competition
Winner, Kernodle Competition (Univ. of Arkansas) (2009)
Winner, Ronald Williams Playwriting Competition (2004)
Semi-finalist, Hidden River Arts Competition (2007)
Selected for The Play‑Pen Series, The Asylum Theatre, Las Vegas (1997)
Finalist, Tennessee Williams Competition (1998)

Production/development history
PRODUCTIONS: Hypothetical Theatre Co., NYC (1998 – workshop)
Raven Theatre, Chicago (1997 – workshop>
READINGS: Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago (1997)
The Asylum Theatre (1997)

Read about playwright Evan Guilford-Blake. Poignant comedies by Evan – Some unfinished Chaos

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Type: One act play – full length

Genre: Drama, period piece, award winning drama script

Cast: 2M 3F

Ages of the actors: Adult – some middle aged, some young (one should be a child of one of the middle aged actors)

Suitable for: Adults (subject matter)

Length: 75 minutes

Set: Three playing areas. The suggested layout is, upstage, a set of raised platforms which serve as TRUMPY and LADYBLUE’s dwelling; center, NAUREAN and AMANDA’s apartment; and down left or right, a set of steps which serves as the stoop to the apartment building.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – challenging drama with a fantastic script from a well known playwright. Trumpy should be able to play the trumpet/sax. One of the females should also be a singer.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10.00 for this award winning script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about The Easy Lovin’ Blues

Copyright © January 2017 Guilford-Blake Corporation and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Frida and Diego – play about Frida Kahlo
Yvette – period drama set in Paris
The Price of a Ghost – two act ghost horror

Teru ‘ah – a Jewish political drama script

Jewish political drama script

Teru’ah – Jewish political drama script

How to sow the seeds of a Jewish genocide? It’s a tricky business of course and in Teru’ah it is a business that seems to have taken over the world… or in this case the world that matters. For the seeds of Jewish genocide require the world’s utmost attention. For the Jewish question is a question of everything; a question of Israel, a question for all time, a question of all people and a question of the state of our very own minds.

The real question that these people ask is this: What is a Jew? Not who. What. A simple word that takes the soul or humanity out of the equation. And as in life, this two act drama untangles this question and many others to leave us with the most important one:

What counts as genocide?

Teru’ah is a alternate history play script set in a post 9-11 world that examines the age old question of how genocide can come to pass. It also explores the fictional situation in which Israel is a power that the rest of the world is beginning to rebel against. An explosive script that deals with events leading up to a  new world war.

Read other topical plays:  By The Rivers of Babylon  by playwright David Greenberg.

Author: David Greenberg

Type: Two act play

Genre:  Jewish Political drama script

Cast: Cast of eleven. Main Characters: 4 – M, 3 – F

Ages of the actors: All adult, a few in their twenties, but most in their forties or fifties

Suitable for: PG 12 (Language)

Length: Two hours

Set: The stage is arranged with tables and chairs to accommodate a variety of similar scenes: Morton’s apartment, Zak’s apartment, the faculty lounge, an office etc. The front of the stage has a street lamp at one end. Sometimes we will meet on the street.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a challenging play that builds in political tension and deals with an uncomfortable subject matter.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Teru’ah

Copyright © January 2017 David Greenberg and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other political plays you may enjoy:

Shadow Government – American political drama script
Where’s Mr M? two act alternate history sci-fi playscript
Waiting for Nelson – South African political scripts

A Gift – ten minute play for two actors

ten minute play for two actors


Two young men meet on a train in this ten minute play for two actors. One is an earnest young man on his way to propose to his girlfriend, the other is a cynical loner who advises the first to escape marriage while he can. The advice falls on deaf ears and the earnest young man goes on his way leaving the loner with a delightful twist in his tale in this comedy-drama.

Read about renowned playwright Jean Blasiar. Other plays by Jean: Yoo Hoo Mister Solomon – Ten minute Jewish comedy for an older couple.

Author: Jean Blasiar

Type: One act, short one acts, ten minute plays

Genre: Comedy-drama, dramatic comedy

Cast: 2M

Ages of the actors: Approximately 30-40 years of age

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten minutes

Set: Simple – two chairs facing each other and a window to represent the cabin on a train.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – static if both actors sit for the entire play

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Gift

Copyright © December 2016 Jean Blasiar and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other ten minute plays for a cast of two actors:

But I’m French – ten minute romantic comedy
Hikers – sci fi play about a chance encounter on a hillside that can change your life forever
Road Rage – ten minute sharpish comedy play

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A puzzle for two – a philosophical play

philosophical play


Two witty individuals in a void try to make sense of their selves and each other. They come across a cryptic message which they interpret as a calling, one which leads them to an outburst of discussion and debate about the meaning of most everything in this philosophical play.

As far as what we know, one thing is clear: there should be a fine line between reason and result, in every sense of those two words. That line, that definite line between cause and effect, seeing and
believing, mind and matter, that line informs the discussion between one and oneself in ”A Puzzle for Two.”

In one riveting, meditative session, the mind probes its consciousness and vice versa as person tries to understand itself in and out of its particular circumstances. It is a conversation unlike any other; necessary for the person, futile for both the mind and its self awareness and naturally, alive with

An experimental piece with questions and snark remarks. A brief snappy tale of two existentially hungry beings. One thought starts where the last one ended. This play is great for students of philosophy or for drama students who like a philosophical approach.

The question is the question itself.

Author: Niels Versavel

Genre: Philosophical Play

Type: One Act play

Length: 25 – 30 minutes

Main Characters: 1 M/F , OR 1 –M/F, 1 – M/F

Suitable for: Adults

Ages of the actors: Adult

Set: An empty stage. Black box theatre

Level of difficulty: 9/10 – keeping the focus of the audience.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about A Puzzle for Two

Copyright © November 2016 Niels Versavel and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other existential plays for you to enjoy:

An empty chair – drama about a man who in in a coma and has to make life or death choices to decide his fate
A House Divided – a play about war
After the Pyre – male monologue

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Antigone – Greek Tragedy play

Greek tragedy PLAY


Shortly before Oedipus’s death, his two sons, Eteocles and Polynices quarrelled over who was to rule Thebes. Polynices sought help and support for his claim to the throne and requested Oedipus’s blessing, but Oedipus was appalled at the behaviour of his sons and cursed them both, a curse that each would kill each other. Eventually Eteocles ruled Thebes alone and Polynices raised an army and attacked the city. Eteocles with the aid of the brothers’ uncle Creon resisted the attack, which resulted in the brothers meeting in combat in this Greek Tragedy play.

A Greek tragedy play about two sons of Oedipus both seeking to succeed their father. Their sister, Antigone, defies her uncle, a leader out of touch with the people who has decreed that her traitorous brother should go unburied and therefore find no rest in the afterlife. Ultimately, her and her uncle’s actions have tragic outcomes.

Read about playwright Keith Passmore. Other classic tales by Keith (The last time I saw Paris – teen comedy on the whole horse of Troy thing)

Author: Keith Passmore

Type: One act play

Genre: Greek Tragedy Play, drama

Cast: Total cast of 11. 7-9 M, 3-5 F as some parts may be played by either sex.

Ages of the actors: Teen and up

Suitable for: The whole family

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: Various locations in Thebes including the palace, the city walls and corridors.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – flow

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Antigone

Copyright © November 2016 Keith Passmore and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other Greek and classic type plays for your perusal:

Acrisius – modern classic Greek plays
Oedipus the play – adaptation of the classic Greek tale
Theseus and Ariadne – modern classic Greek plays

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By the Rivers of Babylon – American Drama script

 American drama script

BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON –  American  Drama Script

It’s a small community, really, between two rivers to be exact, in Kentucky State. It is not much, but it’s theirs … or rather it was. In ‘’By the Rivers of Babylon” the  community of this quaint albeit thriving town is facing eviction by land developers, or is it the government, or rather big business.  Does it even matter whom? In this two act American drama script, the relationship between ‘the land’ and its ownership is explored through the eyes of wives, sons and grandpa’s, as families turn their faces up to a darkened sky of what was hope. The citizens of Kentucky’s ‘Babylon’ are in essence facing the firmament of ‘coulda’, ‘woulda’, ‘shoulda’ three words so tightly wound in regret that their chances of moving on both physically and emotionally from the land are as wide as it is a small community really, between two rivers to be exact.

“If we ever owned the land we own it still, for we never sold it…” – Native American Chief Joseph-Nez Perce

By the Rivers of Babylon was given two dramatic readings; one in Cincinnati and one in Hawaii. Read other topical plays by David Clear as clear – play about cowboys and the take over of Native American lands

Author: David Greenberg

Genre:  American Drama Script

Type: Two-act play

Cast: Main Characters: 3 – M, 2 – F Whole cast: 8M, 3F

Ages of the actors: All adult, many older.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Two hours

Set: Various – the kitchen is central and various outdoor scenes

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – colloquial accents and mannerisms – getting them right

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this previously performed stage play as a digital script.

Contact Off the Wall Plays with any queries about By the Rivers of Bablyon

Copyright © November 2016 David Greenberg and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other similar plays:

Riding a Peacock – African American family drama
Dislocations -m one act drama about a black man caught in the wrong place at the wrong time
Faith – a religious drama about an abused woman

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A Castle: Broken Apart – one act drama for three actors

ten minute drama for three


In this one act drama for three actors, Rebecca and Lana live with their father, Isaac, who isn’t the easiest person to live with. So much so, that Rebecca has decided to leave home and move in with her boyfriend. She offers to take her sister, Lana with her. Lana is torn between going with Rebecca and finally living a life she dreams of and her loyalty to her father, who basically can’t really fend for himself. However, his generally unpleasant nature as well as his refusal to admit that their mother isn’t coming back home anytime soon proves more tempting than her father realizes and the reality that his wife and both his daughters are soon going to be gone is a hard pill to swallow.

Other dramas by author James Hanson (The things that happen in New York)

Author: James Hanson

Genre: Short drama

Type: One Act Play

Cast: 1M, 2F

Ages of the actors: One older M, two F young adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Twenty five minutes

Set: The living room. The evening.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50

Contact Off the Wall Plays with any queries about A Castle: Broken Apart

Copyright © November 2016 James Hanson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Choice – Hard Hitting British Drama scripts about child prostitution
Frida and Diego – play about Frida Kahlo
Love is a stranger – British drama about a transexual man’s love affair with a man who can’t admit it exists

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Cuckold – ten minute period play script

ten minute period play script


In eighteenth century England, CUCKOLD is a scandalous romp that surrounds a playwright, his muse, and her hapless husband.

One flew over the cuckold’s nest. He flew over, was seen by the Cuckold and invited to enjoy the most prized piece of his household for the sanctity of the creative pursuit. In Cuckold  we are given an opportunity to observe a one of a kind domestic ‘agreement’. Simply put, the Cuckold agrees to his wife’s adultery as it aids in the flow of a certain playwright’s artistic, uh, juices in this ten minute period play script.

Pray take heed; the lady knows not what she does. Yet… the Cuckold and the playwright have been brought together for some or other plight. By surety, anonymity, complacency and zero propriety can art be well made and when sealed with a kiss, oh, the possibilities are endless…even when the kiss is shared by the unlikeliest pair!

This short was runner-up at Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s One Act Competition.

Author: Wesley Taylor

Genre: Saucy ten minute period play script!

Type: Ten minute play, one act play

Cast: 2M, 1F

Length: Ten minutes

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adult only – sex.

Set: The bedroom of a poet, with a writing desk

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – getting the language  of eighteenth century England correct

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Cuckold

Copyright © October 2016 Wesley Taylor and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other Shakespearean type and period plays that we stock:

Prelude to Macbeth – modern Shakespearean plays
You do what you can – one act parody on Macbeth
Sarah wants the moon – period comedy script set in the comedy Francaise

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The Release of Theodore Marlow – romantic period drama script

period drama script


Is death only the beginning? For Theodore Marlow, it is his second chance, his only chance but he is not quite dead… yet. You see Theodore Marlow only just started living. Before he was existing only, and not really living at all in a world where his wife, Elsie, had crowned herself as Queen. Their marriage was only a formality in his eyes, and what exactly she ruled over would ultimately amount to nothing for he did not see her anymore. To him she was as irrelevant as he was to himself.

That is until he met Rebecca. Sure as he was that he’d known her before, this was the first time he had laid eyes on her, in this world at the least. She was everything that he never knew he needed. When she tragically died, he saw her face everywhere haunting him and beckoning him to join her.  Thus Theodore Marlow realised that in death all of our most pressing questions are answered and in life we get to see but not really understand enough of ourselves or of each other.

And so we meet again, My Heart

Author: Dan Weatherer

Genre: Romantic period drama script

Type: Three act play

Cast: 6M, 2F (principals are 2M, 2F)

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length:  One to One and half hours

Set: Various including a dining room, bedchambers and a ball

Level of difficulty:  8/10 – a lovely period drama

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about The Release of Theodore Marlow

Copyright © October 2016 Dan Weatherer and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other period dramas for you to enjoy:

Yvette – period drama romance set in Paris in the 1700’s
Agatha the ugly – period drama set in WWII in which a zany girl hosts her own radio show
Sarah wants to moon – period comedy piece about a young actress who wants her own way

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The Back Seat – Drama play about rape

play about rape


It’s easy, as life.

Doubt. It can be the smallest seed of the stuff but sometimes that is all it takes; the smallest seed sewn with the intent to do irreparable damage or unravel an inconvenient truth. In The Back Seat, a
two act drama play about rape, ‘inconvenience’ is the word as four young adults – Grace, Andy, Evan and Penny – face the callous truths about themselves and each other, on a planned weekend to Las Vegas that should have been fun.

Instead, a love quadrangle develops and to embellish it, Andy’s looming rape trial comes to light as the seriousness of what he faces casts an indubitable dark cloud over the planned getaway. Andy seems to believe the charges he faces will not stick. Penny is too high strung to think clearly enough, Evan believes Andy is guilty and Grace? Grace’s judgement is the most important to Andy, Evan and Penny but even she cannot deny how years of taking the easier path through life is more attractive, easy, clean, and … not inconvenient.

Author: Drew Moyer

Type: Two-act drama

Genre: Drama play about rape

Cast: Cast of four – 2M, 2F

Ages of the actors: Early twenties

Suitable for: Adults

Set: The interior of a rest stop, eastern Arizona, just west of Winslow. A
dusty Plexiglas display of Arizona wildlife, safety tips, etc. is mounted on one side; on the other, a frayed Arizona state flag. The rest of the wall space is taken up by brochure-sized travel maps, bulletin boards with local advertisements, etc. To either side, men’s and women’s restrooms, split by a water fountain, up-center. Center stage, a large wooden island, meant as a communal bench. As a whole, the room should look as though it hasn’t been tended to in some time—dusty, unkempt, abandoned. The action in the play may very well be the rest stop’s first visit in
several weeks.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – dealing with a sensitive subject

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about The Back Seat

Copyright © October 2016 Drew Moyer and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other dramas dealing with sensitive issues:

The happy Hornbill – play about domestic abuse
Ladykillers – three monologues by women who kill
Survivors include – one act teen drama about suicide

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Never alone – play about teen depression

play about teen depression

NEVER ALONE – drama play about teen depression

In this play about teen depression, a young man named David, in denial about certain traumatic events in his past, has a revelation which will either allow him to move on or keep him bound in his memory’s own negative impressions of what occurred.  David suffers from extreme depression.  Throughout his life, things have happened which he believes everyone blames him for – his mother’s death, his crush rejecting him, his girlfriend miscarrying. It is time to either face the things that have made him who he is or…..

Read more about teen author Quito Barajas

Author: Quito Barajas

Type: One act play

Genre: One act play about teen depression

Cast: 6M, 5F

Ages of the actors: One is a child, the young David, there are two adults and the rest are teenagers

Suitable for: Teenager, high school, secondary school

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: An empty room with two couches and a table between them. There is a door that leads out into the house that that room is assumedly a part of. There is a light switch next to the door.  A screen at the back on which images may be projected may add to the play

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – the play is quite straightforward – blending from one scene to another may be tricky

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about You are Not Alone

Copyright © September 2016 Quito Barajas and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other teen dramas for high school:

Choices – South African teen drama about a series of bad choices and their consequences
Dreamtime – play about teen murder based on the real life murders of two Dartmouth professors
Friends and family – teen drama script

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Some Unfinished Chaos – Poignant Comedy script

poignant comedy script


This is a two-character (1F: 23, American; 1M: 39, British), single set (two-room interior) “sad comedy,” set in the late 20th century, about the growth of the soul and learning to live in the face of death. It takes place over a six-month period and requires no unusual technical or physical effects. The play is in three acts and has a running time of approximately 1:45 plus intermissions.

Chaos concerns the never-explicitly defined relationship that evolves between ERIC WITTENGER, a writer whose successful — sole — novel was published when he was 22, and who has been trying ever since to create another. That novel — based, as we discover during the play, on the turmoil of his brief marriage and his ex-wife’s descent into eventual suicide — was a huge success, and it still provides his principal, though now modest, means of support, a fact which continues to grate on him; and JESSAMYN TYLER, a would-be writer who is estranged from her father but was close to her recently deceased mother, and who steadily inserts herself into Eric’s life, over his reluctance, in the hope, at first at least, that he will mentor her writing

The nature of the relationship is changed, however, when Eric, who works to retain his emotional distance from the world to avoid repeating the failures of his marital relationship, discovers he is terminally ill (with cancer) and is forced to re-examine his personal and professional needs; and Jessamyn, in an effort that is based both on her own needs and her growing attachment — professional and emotional — to Eric, convinces him to allow her to move in with him to become his primary caregiver.

The play explores the ways people create — and sometimes destroy — in order to survive, physically and spiritually, and deals with what its characters face in coming to terms not only with Eric’s mortality but their own respective fears, hopes; and desires, as artists, to give something to each other and to the world at large.

PRODUCTIONS: Danna Semo Productions, Givataim, Israel
API Theatre, Kalamazoo, MI
Equity Library Theatre Chicago
HONORS: “Top Ten” selection – Chattanooga (TN) New Play Festival
Semi-finalist, Writer’s Network Competition
Finalist, Trustus (SC) Theatre New Play Competition
Finalist, National Future Fest, Dayton, OH

Read about playwright Evan Guilford-Blake

Author: Evan Guilford-Blake

Genre: Sad comedy, poignant comedy script

Type: Three act play

Cast: 1M 1F

Ages of the actors: M late thirties, F early twenties

Suitable for: Adults

Length: One hour and forty five minutes

Set: ERIC’s apartment, a two-room-plus kitchenette in an “artistic” neighborhood of a major city. Most of the furniture came with the place; it’s all cheap and worn — not inexpensive and well-used but cheap and over-used. The two visible rooms — all-purpose living room, and bedroom — are divided by a suggested wall.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a nice challenging piece for two actors, in which the elements of comedy and drama intertwine. The actor should be able to easily play both genres

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning digital play script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any Queries about Some Unfinished Chaos

Copyright © September 2016 Evan Guilford-Blake

Like this play? Other poignant comedies for you to enjoy:

Stag – poignant comedy for 2M – a British comedy-drama about two men, on a stag do
Extra lessons – poignant comedy about a student who takes it too far with a young naive teacher
Following Dogs – two hander one act plays

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A love – Never Forgotten – humorous drama for mature actors

drama for mature actors


Just an old folks’ home? No. This community is more than that. It houses Rose, Alice, her husband Gordon, Ted and Jill. In this one act dramedy, it is a retirement village for mature and independent
individuals, thank you very much.

Of course it makes sense then that the most, ahem, senior ones have the deepest secrets hidden from those who ought to know them best and know truths that would shock the ones who’ve ‘seen it all’. Enter Ives (literally) whose visits to the home are to view it with the intention of perhaps moving in soon. His latest visit unravels Alice’s panic at a ghost from Christmas past. When Ives and Alice do ultimately face each other, Alice is presented with the face of a ghost alright… one that sweet, unassuming, Rose may know everything about in this humorous drama for mature actors

 Other plays – The Coming of Jed Crest – British one act play by Peter Pitt. 

Author: Peter Pitt

Genre: Dramedy, humorous drama for mature actors

Type: One act play

Cast: 4F 3M

Ages of the actors: All above sixty except the manager, Sharon who can be younger

Length: Thirty minutes

Suitable for: All ages, but suited especially to senior groups who enjoy play reading

Set: The residents lounge in a new block of retirement apartments.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – showing a variety of emotions

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about A Love – Never Forgotten

Copyright © September 2016 Peter Pitt and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other plays for mature actors that you might enjoy:

The Duel – ten minute one act comedy for 2M
Well I never – comedy sketch for two to three mature F actors
Read about it – what happens when you strike up a conversation at a bus stop?

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Where’s Mr M – two act science fiction playscript


science fiction playscript

Is it a conspiracy? Or just a product of an overactive imagination? In the United States, a secret corporation exists whose sole aim is to to foster the United State’s utter dependence on fossil fuels.

They’re greedy, corrupt and have absolute power. To do whatever they want. They control the government. And they’re building vast underground concentration camps connected by a railway network in which to incarcerate all opponents. Or are they? Workers on the project who become suspicious or even curious disappear without a trace as do many of their contacts outside the project. Other contacts are subjected to physical or mental psychological programming or are harassed by the police. But it can’t be true? Surely? What’s true and isn’t is hotly debated by the characters in the play. But don’t let your suspicions get too public. Or you might just …..

Greg Miller discovers their secret, one  that threatens the existence of the entire human race. But what he does not anticipate is how much of a pawn he has become in the mother of all mass mind control missions. It is up to Greg to save the world although he can barely save his marriage, and as time starts to slip through his fingers he must face the facts that time itself was his undoing long before he knew what he knows now…

Where’s Mr M is a two act science fiction playscript with creepy Orwellian overtones. It shows the possibility of there being something far more sinister than people think out there, governing everyone’s daily lives. The sub-plots contribute to the development of the play as the characters argue amongst themselves as to the validity of their suspicions and fall foul of the plotters. But, is it real or is it a nightmare? Even at the end one is never quite sure. The sub-plots will each strike a chord with different audience members thus generating a lot of robust discussion afterwards.

Author: John-Paul Brennan

Genre: Science fiction playscript

Type: Two-act play, screenplay (The play has been workshopped on stage but is written in the style of a screen play so can easily fit into both genres)

Cast: 2M 1F main cast. Many smaller roles (at least twenty) exist throughout the play. They can also be played by more than one actor.

Ages of the actors: Teenage to adult.

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 90 minutes

Set: If produced as a stage play, a black box set is advised because of the scene changes, possibly with back projection to set the new scene and do the effects.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 The play requires a largish cast and, because of the frequent scene changes, imaginative and competent set designers.

Read a sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital script

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about Where’s Mr M?

Copyright © August 2016 John-Paul Brennan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Shadow Government – tense political thriller script
2093 – science fiction screenplay set in the year 2093
Boy – 1 – science fiction play for teens

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Oedipus the play – Adaptation of Classic Greek Mythology

Oedipus the play


In Oedipus the play, Oedipus infant son of the King of Thebes is abandoned by his parents when advised by the Oracle that he will kill his father and marry his mother. He eventually ends up as Prince of Corinth. Developing the feeling that he does not belong in Corinth he wanders about Greece and meets his (unbeknowest to him but beknownst to us) biological father whom he kills in a brawl. He then goes into Thebes and marries his mother who, miraculously, has not aged while he was growing up. Later a soothsayer tells Oedipus that he has killed his father and married his mother. Oedipus and his mother find this so appalling that she drinks poison and he plucks out his eyes.

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Author: Keith Passmore

Genre: Classic Greek Mythology

Type: One act play

Cast: Fourteen in total, although some parts can be shared and played by members of either sex

Ages of the actors: Any age, adult

Suitable for: Should appeal to high or secondary school students

Length: Fifteen to twenty minutes

Set: Various scenes – the palace, a crossroads, a shepherd’s hut

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – easy dialogue but may need to use some creativity for the scene changes.

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