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Bad news, Pluto – comedy sketch for ten actors

comedy sketch for ten actors


It’s the annual planetary meeting and the planets are awaiting the arrival of Pluto, the ninth planet. Or at least until last week. Now Pluto has been reclassified and it’s their job to let him know that from this day forward Pluto will no longer be considered a real planet, merely a dwarf planet in this comedy sketch for ten actors.

But there are perks. After all, the dwarf planets get to hold their own dwarf planetary meeting, too. At a club. With beer and strippers. Maybe being a dwarf planet won’t be so bad after all…

Read other comedy skits – The Masked Avenger by Peter Keel

Author: Peter Keel

Type: Comedy sketch for ten actors

Genre: Comedy, skits, sketches

Cast: Ten – the main 8 planets can be any sex, but it is assumed that Ceres and Pluto are male.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: Adults – some suggestive comments and language

Length: Just under ten minutes

Set: A row of 9 chairs on a stage

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – short snappy lines – it’s all about delivery

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A Likely Story – 5 minute comedy sketch/filler
Sunday in the Park with Phil – sketch about true love in any form!
Trump:Wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue – Donald Trump skit

Better safe than sorry – ten minute comedy for 3 actors

ten minute comedy for three actors


Jack still thinks he’s dating Lorrie. Lorrie thinks he isn’t as she clearly dumped him last week. So when Jack pitches up at her house with candy (which she hates to be honest) it couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient moment. The truth is that she’s getting ready for her hot date with Melvin, the local hottie in this ten minute comedy for three actors.

Jack decides to let both Lorrie and Melvin know, once and for all, that she’s his girl. He answers the door with all the bravado in the world and then make a quick about turn as he realizes Melvin is the biggest man he has ever met. It’s clear he won’t be able to fight him for her. So he comes up with a new tactic. A deadly disease. Genetic – and Lorrie is a sufferer.

But will Melvin buy this crock of cow poo?

Read about author George Freek.
Other comedies – Don’t Bank on it by George.

Author: George Freek

Type: Ten minute play script, one act plays

Genre: Ten minute comedy for 3 actors

Cast: 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and perform

Length: Ten minutes

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – character driven and situational comedy

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Matter Matters – comedy set on a biplane
Sticky – farcical comedy about a cheating husband
Mother – a comedy about being politically incorrect

Thirty Deep – American one act play – a comedy-drama

American one act play


It’s the last day of business for Guns ‘n Stuff Taxidermist. Business hasn’t been great lately and they’ve been forced to close down. (There’s a Smoothie Place coming in in their spot instead) All Montgomery has to do is put the finishing touches on a beaver he’s been stuffing before he bids the old place farewell. His wife, Cookie and lifetime friend, Whiskey are helping him pack up everything in the shop in this American one at play.

Enter Janice Rothstein with a very unusual request, which she’s willing to pay plenty for. In fact before he takes the job, she offers him $30 000. Enough to keep the business going, for sure. Enough for them to live on for quite a while. Only problem is, it’s the first time Montgomery’s ever been asked to stuff this kind of animal. Our kind.

Other plays by author Jordan Morille – Jars – a drama about love between two women

Author: Jordan Morille

Type: American one act play

Genre: Comedy-drama, dark comedy, dramedy. Starts out as comic with some serious elements at the end.

Cast: 2M, 2F

Ages of the actors: All the actors are older adults – old enough to have fought in Vietnam and have thirty year old kids.

Suitable for: All ages to watch, adult to older adult actors to perform

Length: Forty minutes

Set: GUNS N’ STUFF TAXIDERMY. There is a gun counter with a register, a small table nearby, and a staircase leading up to an office. It is the last day of business and the shop is mostly boxed up. A few mounted animals of various kinds litter the shop’s walls, while the gun counter is empty, save a few pistols inside and rifles racked up behind. A SHOTGUN is mounted on the wall directly above the counter, with the mount reading “THE GAVEL”.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – accents – the play is written for Southern American actors

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Like this play? Other one act American plays for you to enjoy:

A Blind Date – two misfits meet up for a blind date in this comedy
A Man’s Home – one act American drama about family
Dreamtime – play based on the true story of the murder of two Dartmouth professors by teens

Thirds – suburban satire play about inheriting a house

satire play


Muriel Tuck, a quirky widow who succumbs to a burst aneurysm, has left her estate to be divided equally among her three adult daughters. The oldest, Delilah, is the executor of the will and the mother of three young children. She intends to sell the sisters’ girlhood home and to divide the proceeds between them. This plan is amenable to the middle daughter, neurotic librarian Olivia, whose primary concern is family harmony. But the youngest daughter, Maya, still lives rent-free in her late mother’s house, and refuses to leave. Instead, she begins constructing a brick wall across the living room—separating her one-third from the two-thirds belonging to her sisters. Maya acknowledges that her sisters may sell their parts of the house—“like a lopsided duplex”—but she refuses to give up her portion, and its “lifetimes of memories,” under any circumstances in this suburban satire play about inheriting a house.

Enter Phyllis Hofmeyer. Phyllis, a former schoolmate of the Tuck sisters, wishes to purchase the house because she wants her own daughters to have “as wonderful a childhood” as she imagines the Tuck girls enjoyed as children. She is so determined to purchase the property that even Maya’s fabrications regarding the calamitous condition of the house—infestations of fire ants and bedbugs and termites, the tale of a fourth sister murdered by an escaped baboon, etc.—prove unable to dissuade her. But as Phyllis’s motivations become clearer, and increasingly more disturbing, Maya is not the only Tuck daughter who begins to have second thoughts.

Thirds offers a satiric romp through suburbia, and a heartfelt, if zany, account of one family’s efforts to make the best of life’s plenteous surprises. It is intended to be off-beat, provocative and fun.

Other plays by author Jacob Appel – The Mistress of Wholesome – one act comedy where Mistress takes on Wife

Author: Jacob Appel

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Satire play

Cast: 4F

Ages of the actors: Late twenties to early thirties

Suitable for: Adults to perform, all ages to watch

Length: 90-110 minutes

Set: The entire play takes place in the combination living room / dining room of the Tuck residence in an upscale suburb of New York City. One door exits to the garage stairs, the other to the kitchen and beyond. Neither the garage nor the kitchen are visible. Those who favor realism might furnish the stage with a damask sofa stacked high with pillows, an assortment of armchairs, a rocking chair, cluttered bookshelves, armoires filled with knickknacks, a dining room service beneath a chandelier, and a crescent-shaped glass coffee-table of the variety that was fashionable during the 1970s. A tablecloth should cover the dining room table; a bouquet of flowers sits in a vase on the tabletop. High budget productions might include a piano—although no one in the Tuck household has played a piano in many years, nor ever played one well. Above all, the room should appear “lived-in”: pizza boxes open on the coffee table, old board games piled high on the sofa. Also gardening supplies, an easel, maybe works of sculpture in progress. In short, this is what happens when a free-spirited twenty-seven year old takes over a house from a middle-aged matron.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – satire is an art – to play the comic elements off with a straight face

Read a Sample of the Script

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Like this play? Other satires you may enjoy as well as plays about family feuds over estates:

The Heirs – British comedy script about a family fighting to get the inheritance of a crazy old lady
Nuns a two act satire about Nuns who chain smoke and revolt against the mother superior
Shapeless – dark satire about body size

The Worst Law Firm in Merry Old England – Two Act British farce

two act British farce


A merry two act British farce involving a bunch of senile, incompetent, drunken, dishonest lawyers, missing bank employees, and policemen seeking to circumvent the law. Add to this, a witch, a couple of conniving females, and a pair of criminals who may or may not be what they seem. At stake is a fraud of 1 million pounds but who was or were the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime and where is the money? All of this presided over by a pompous ass of a judge.

Read about playwright Leon Kaye. Other comedies – More Pasta! by Leon Kaye

Author: Leon Kaye

Type:Two act British farce

Genre: Farce, two act comedy script, British

Cast: 7M, 4F – however, one of the females should be played by a man in a dress.

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A well-manicured cozy office. There are desks facing each other, one far stage left and one right. In front of each desk there is a chair for a client to sit. Far right there is a back door. Up stage there is a fireplace, a large picture window that looks onto the street, and the main entrance door, left. There is a painting of an elderly man hanging above the fireplace mantle.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – getting a farce right is an art to build it to a ridiculous climax

Read a Sample of the Script

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Like this play? Other farces for you to enjoy:

Lofty Larceny – a two act farce about a pretend diamond heist
The Mayhem Motel – Two act American farce about a hotel
The Rat Trap – large cast comedy farce

Lemonade Gurus – one act comedy about clowns (ex clowns, actually)

comedy about clowns


One act off the wall comedy about clowns, or rather,  two ex clowns who are trying to run a lemonade stand. It’s not the first business (or the second, or the third) that they’ve started, and failed at. Somehow, they just don’t have the talent for it. This time, though, they’re determined to make it work. However, they run into a spot of bother when it is discovered they’re trying to sell on somebody else’s turf. It’s a cut throat business, lemonade selling, as the two unwitting ex clowns are about to find out.

Other absurd comedy play scripts- Ratboy – failed superhero comedy script by James Hanson.

Author: James Hanson

Type: One act ten minute comedy

Genre: Comedy about clowns

Cast: 4M, 1F, 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult to middle aged

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Ten Minutes

Set: A lemonade stand on the side of a road.

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – the absurdism – the whole play is terribly absurd but it should be played with a straight face.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © March 2018 James Hanson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other off the wall comedies and of course, comedies with clowns.

Clown Car – a whodunit. With clowns
Murder in the Asylum – absurd whodunit script
He’s a Nervous Nellie – absurd comedy script about a nervous psychologist and a ballsy mother

This Seat’s Taken – one act romantic comedy about OCD

comedy about OCD


Every day, every single day, Leo gets up, washes up, gets dressed by pulling items of clothing from his wardrobe from day specific sections, heads to the library, selects one book and heads to the coffee shop where he reads and finishes the book, while enjoying their house brew in this comedy about OCD. This is his morning routine. This is what he knows and this is what he likes… or at least it’s what he thinks he likes. When Maya decides to join Leo for coffee, unexpectedly, one morning, Leo quite honestly has no idea what do with her. Putting his routine at risk is some random woman who offers him something besides the house brew to taste, asks him questions about his reading material he can do without and has the audacity to poke at his sanity, sense of adventure and tolerance for those things that throw him off. Nonetheless, Maya’s endearing (or determined) qualities result in the unlikely duo forming a bond close enough that she becomes a part of his schedule. Just as he gets comfortable with the idea of her being around she throws him for a loop when she asks him to accompany her to a play and one morning, Leo decides to buy the tickets…

The seat’s taken but by all means, let the eclectic, confused and curious looking woman take it.

Author: Lindsey Paulette

Type: One act romantic comedy

Genre: Comedy about OCD

Cast: 5M, 3F, 2N (but aside from the main two characters and thugs, gender can vary

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 30 minutes

Set: A coffee shop and then a journey along a road to get tickets

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization as Leo gets thrust into a number of uncomfortable situations

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Is this seat taken? Award winning British one act about role playing
Wallflower house – romantic drama about agoraphobia
A Blind Date – two social misfits meet for a blind date!

Twisted Lucy Fans – one act dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans



It’s 1989.  Lucille Ball, the iconic actress and star of “I Love Lucy” has just died. Italian-American (not that it matters… much) writer and prince of princes, Alex, is being interviewed for his contributions to gay culture and his work as a novelist in this dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans.  Though he’s not quite a successful author, who’s really, keenly, seriously keeping tabs on that point?

Enter (literally, into the interview) Todd,  Mike’s diva extraordinaire of a friend, who believes Mike is at most a sketchy if not at the least unreliable in his knowledge of everything gay and in particular the life and times of the gay goddess Lucille Ball. The young, straight and very handsome Kyle should be interviewing Todd instead, according to Todd. It seems, however, that all of  Alex’s associates, friends and brother Mike want in on the interview, and they take over the conversation.

Kyle bravely and patiently soldiers on through the frustrating, interesting and brutally honest telling of the nitty gritty of what, who and how a gay man exists in the world. It isn’t until a shocking scandal befalls the unsung author that Kyle realizes he just may have an exclusive on his hands. He also believes the scandal will catapult the romance novelist into a media sensation-which is guaranteed to increase the sales and interest of Alex’s novels!

Oh and then at some point when tensions could not get any higher the instigator of incest, overly-degenerate ‘degenerate’ and obvious source of ‘beastly’ desires amongst these men,  Mike,  finds a gun. Mike aims it at Alex’s newest (really new, even for him) lover Stefano. Someone gets shot… and it ain’t Stefano.

Read other scripts – Marvin’s Fetish – a tension filled gay drama for two actors by Sal Anzalone

Author: Sal Anzalone

Type:  Full length one act dark comedy

Genre: Dark comedy about Lucille Ball fans

Cast: Cast of eight 6M, 1F, 1 transgender.

Ages of the actors: All adult, Kyle should be young and well built.

Suitable for: Adults only

Length: One hour

Set: The spacious kitchen of the eccentric Rizzo household. It is Thursday, April 27, 1989—the morning after Lucille Ball’s death.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 – a dark comedy with characterization being fundamental

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © March 2018 Sal Anzalone and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Chicken, airbags and wors – one act South African gay comedy about a sex change op
Dinner at Dario’s – comedy about the new man and the old ex
For Never, not always – when the groom dumps the bride at the altar – for the best man!

By Faith – Christian Skits

Christian skits


A short Christian skit about having faith and what having faith means. A young man who doesn’t believe in any God meets a pastor on the road who demonstrates to him what Faith is and what it means.

A short one and a half page skit suitable for Bible study groups, Sunday school and other Christian church groups.

Read other sketches by Demarquis – Trump – American Nightmare.

Author: Demarquis Johnson

Type: Short Christian skits

Genre: Comedy skit or sketch, specifically Christian

Cast: 2M, two males but could easily be played by either sex

Ages of the actors: Kids up

Suitable for: Kids up

Length: 1 and a half minutes

Set: Black box stage – it’s meant to be a road or sidewalk

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – easy short skit.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4 for this short Christian digital skit

Contact Off The Wall Plays with any queries about By Faith

Copyright © March 2018 Demarquis Johnson and Off the Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other skits suitable for Christian kids and groups:

Orphan Antsy – skit on the musical Annie
Little Red Walking Hood Hood – skit on little red riding hood
Handsome and Griddle – skit on Hansel and Gretel

One Hot Knight – short comedy skit for 4 actors

short comedy skit for 4 actors


It’s not always easy being a knight. Slaying dragons, rescuing maidens – well, it’s all in a day’s work. But it’s all worth it when he gets the maiden in the end. Not the dragon. After accidentally slaying the maiden. You could call it a very steep learning curve in this short comedy skit for 4 actors….

Other skits – Disharmony commercial – short skit about a dating agency by best selling comedy writers Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Authors: Lois and Kelly Corcoran

Type: Skit, comedy

Genre: Short comedy skit for 4 actors

Cast: 4 – maiden, dragon, knight, narrator

Ages of the actors: Older kids up

Suitable for: All ages

Length: 3 minutes (1.5 pages in total)

Set: Anywhere – supposed to be outside dragon’s lair. PROPS: Knight’s tunic, sword, “dragon” head, hand mirror

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – fun easy short skit for all ages

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4.00 for this previously performed digital play script

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Copyright © February 2018 Lois and Kelly Corcoran and Off the Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other skits and sketches you may enjoy:

Hell Froze over – comedy sketch about what happens to sports the day hell actually freezes over
My Little Mermaid – skit on the famous story – The Little Mermaid
Sunday in the park with Phil – true love knows no form!

The duck of the baskervilles – punful whodunit Sherlock Holmes play

whodunit sherlock holmes play


Sir Oswald Baskerville has died in Mysterious Circumstances (a small village near his home). The doctor called in to pronounce him dead discovers a giant duck’s footprint on Sir Oswald’s chest and suspects fowl play. The heir to Sir Oswald’s estate may be in danger. The police are baffled. Shylock Casa, the famous insulting detective, and Watsonia, his assistant, are called in and they quickly solve the mystery and unmask the murderer in this whodunit Sherlock Holmes play. A Quacking good case!!

If you, like me share a love of terrible puns, this is the play for you.

Read other plays by playwright Tom Considine – The Three unwise men – a nativity spoof with a difference!

Author: Tom Considine

Type: One act crime play or spoof

Genre: Whodunit Sherlock Holmes play, comedy

Cast: 4M, 3F, 1N

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: The whole family to watch and teens upward to perform.

Length: 15 minutes

Set: A lounge with a sofa and chairs and a small coffee table in front of the sofa at stage centre. A writing desk and chair against the wall on stage left centre. A door, stage right centre.  Many pictures, mainly family portraits. 

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – delivery of the lines and characterization

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © February 2018 Tom Considine and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other crime spoofs and short comedy crime scripts:

Ralph – a film noir cum Monty Python whodunit
Who you me someone bloody did it!!
Murder in the asylum – a theatre of the absurd script

Father – a one act comedy about a priest

one act comedy about a priest


It is Father Daniel’s first day at St. Nicholas’ Parish and walking into his office, he has no idea what exactly he has been lead into by his no-nonsense secretary, Mrs Brubaker in this one act comedy about a priest. Within a minute of him trying to settle in, Father Daniel is visited by the Bishop himself in all his intimidating splendour. The Bishop politely asks (in other words, warns) Fr. Daniel’s to make use of his experience in public relations towards making the annual St. Nicholas Patronal Festival a success.

Fr. Daniel no doubt smells his placement at St. Nicholas as hanging in the balance of the Festival turning out splendidly or an event that is not an embarrassment to his holiness the Bishop. With his job threatened in the first few minutes of him starting it, the Father must ensure he impresses the Bishop and the Festival’s committee which has its own legacy to uphold. In one act, Father explores the best of church politics and the comedy behind what you may see as a serious confession.

A father’s work is never done….

Author: J. Mark Tiller

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy about a priest

Cast: Main Characters – 7M, 2F

Ages of the actors: Adult

Suitable for: All ages

Length: Sixty minutes

Set: Father Daniel’s office – cluttered with  a desk and chair and boxes for storage. 

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – characterization.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © February 2018 J. Mark Tiller and Off the Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other plays of a similar vein:

Jumping the league – comedy about a priest who wants to leave the priesthood
If God ate fried chicken – farcical comedy about a priest and nun going on a date to the local chicken joint
Church of Satan – religious satire scripts about finding the right church for your wedding

Lovely to look at – comedy about community theatre

comedy about community theatre


In community theatre, every actor is the star of the show… or rather every actor has convinced themself of this ‘fact’. In Lovely to Look At, a comedy about community theatre, poor Marvin, the director, has to deal with the egos, the ‘I’m better than these community theatre amateurs’ nonsense and general ‘joy’ that actors drag with them onto every, single production. It’s supposed to be the first rehearsal: the rehearsal that sets the tone, the beginning of a beautiful thing, the match that sets the world on fire but for the last twenty minutes there has been zero rehearsing. Zero. None. Nada.

No doubt creative juices have flown but it seems all the actors have committed to a session of fake discoveries over the phone (Leandra) boozing (Leandra, primarily) and getting fired and rehired in less than five minutes (you got it: Leandra once more). Alright so when it comes to this production, Leandra is the problem but it soon becomes clear that she may lead the way to the solution and embody it (the way that only an actress can) soon enough.

An actor’s work is never finished but your patience may be.

Lovely to look at won a playwriting competition at STAGE LEFT (Salida, Colorado) and was produced by Stage Left in 2016. Read other plays – Nietzche’s nose – comedy about a dysfunctional family by playwright George Freek.

Author: George Freek

Type: One act comedy

Genre: Comedy about community theatre

Cast:  2M, 4F

Ages of the actors: Twenties to Forties

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: Thirty to forty minutes

Set: Marvin’s home – a living room with sofa, coffee table, chairs. A door to the left is an entranceway, and one to the right leads to bedrooms, a washroom, etc. There is a portable bar, near rear center

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – characterization.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $10 for this award winning digital play script

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Copyright © February 2018 George Freek and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other plays about community theatre:

He’s Behind You – a community theatre whodunit comedy
Foulweather friend – two act dark comedy about resurrecting the dead so they can be your audience for your community theatre show!
The Safety officer – one act comedy about a community theatre show going wrong in a very bad way

The tell tale teacher – play for middle school

play for middle school


After a class reads “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, their teacher is called away by the principal and disappears. Strange noises are heard, and the lights go out causing the students to wonder if the school is haunted and if their teacher is ever going to come back. The class must work together to solve the mystery and find their teacher before it is too late in this play for middle school.

This comedy, “The tell tale teacher” was written for the 2016 Virginia Beach Public School’s One Act Play Festival held on November 4-5, and was performed by a cast of students from Virginia Beach Middle School, and earned Superior ratings from all of the judges.

Read other plays by Mary Long – Villains Incorporated – an award winning comedy for middle and high school.

Author: Mary Long

Type: One act play for middle school

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Cast of ten roles, most of which can be adapted for either sex. The janitor and Mr Hyde as well as Troy and Miles are the likely male parts, the rest can be either.

Ages of the actors: 11 up to 15 and possibly three adults which can also be played by younger players.

Suitable for: Kids aged 11-15

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: A typical classroom

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – adventure and excitement.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this previously staged commended play.

Contact Off the Wall Plays with any queries about The Tell Tale Teacher

Copyright © February 2018 Mary Long and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Others like it:

How we saved our homeroom teacher – play for younger children
Grace will lead me home – a girl goes on a magical quest to find a cure for her mother
Mirror – play for younger teens about a spoiled Princess and a magic mirror she banishes people with

The actors – a comedy about the afterlife

comedy about the afterlife


When Harbo stumbles into an unfamiliar place, dressing gown on and a toothbrush still in his mouth, he is greeted by the most unlikely vision: A Full Barbershop quartet singing at him, who call on celebrities composed (pardon the pun) of pretty famous but also pretty dead people, (such as William Shakespeare) in this comedy about the afterlife.

They bring tidings: He’s dead. Of course he doesn’t believe them, so they go out of their way to prove it to him – first of all by telling him stuff from his life and then be reenacting scenes from it (of which William Shakespeare is terribly critical of, being that way inclined).

Once he has accepted the news, he then gets sorted into whether he’s going to Heaven or Hell and if it’s the former, well, there could be a new opening in the barbershop quartet in his future, if he wants it?

Although the cast is large in this comedy about the afterlife, it would also suit smaller casts where more than one small role can be taken by the same actor.

Read other plays by Alex – The Condition – a comedy about the loony bin.

Author: Alex Emerson Acuff

Type: One act play

Genre: Comedy about the afterlife

Cast: 8 M, 3F, 3N. However the comedy in this play does allow for some gender swapping to occur.

Ages of the actors: Teens to adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: 35-40 minutes

Set: Black box stage

Level of difficulty: 7/10 crowd control and characterization.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © January 2017 Alex Acuff and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other plays about being dead

Death of Gerbil – a dark comedy about being dead and Heaven has lost your paperwork
A Second Chance – a group of dead people are given history changing missions
God Help Us – about the galactic conference where God has been delayed at the end of the world