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I have written a number of plays for play festivals, as well as read through hundreds of plays on the internet, and I realized there is gap in the publishing industry where good authors struggle to get their plays published. So I have created an online play publishing company that will publish and sell plays!

The Chronicles of Jack – Contemporary South African plays

Contemporary South African plays


In Johannesburg, anything can happen, everything can change and everyone knows it. Jackson ‘’Jack’’ Makhubo, a 23 year old resident of the Eastern Cape decides that he will not be attending initiation school in the mountains and that he’ll instead be embarking on his studies in drama at a university in Johannesburg. Unfortunately his mother then throws him out of their family home making it possibly the last memory of home he ever has.

In The Chronicles of Jack a boy becomes a man in a way he did not expect when he is thrown into the chaos of modern Johannesburg’s university life. Jack is robbed, attends a ‘Fees Must Fall’ rally that has him subsequently expelled and discovers the true identity of his father, who has largely been absent from the boy’s life, all within the space of a week. It’s a harsh introduction to the city but as his best friend Fezi lamented before he left, ‘’It leaves room for Jack to be a better man. ’’

It’s either you get Johannesburg, or it gets you.

Author: Mbasa Tsetsana

Type: One act play in 12 scenes

Genre: Contemporary South African plays

Cast: Mains: 2M 2F, total cast: 8M, 2F. The other roles are to be played by the chorus members of the cast.

Ages of the actors: 18 to adult

Suitable for: Older teens/adults up to perform and all ages to watch

Length: 75 – 90 minutes

Set: Various – The Eastern Cape, The University. It is at the director’s discretion and can easily be performed in a black box theatre setting.

Level of Difficulty: 7/10 – A longer play without an interval needs to keep the audience riveted

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Home – a romantic drama play for two actors

romantic drama play


Two people in their thirties meet on a park bench over looking a lake. They’ve both experienced loss in their lives, but as they chat and get to skimming stones on the lake they realise that although their lives have been different, they have a lot in common. They meet up again and again, until at last they know deep down that with each other they are finally at home in this romantic drama play for two actors.

Author: Yael Brunnert

Type: One act play, could also be adapted to a short screenplay.

Genre: Romantic drama play

Cast: 1M, 1F

Ages of the actors: Both are in their thirties

Suitable for: All ages to watch and adults to perform

Length: Fifteen minutes

Set: A lake with a bench. A climbable tree.

Level of difficulty: 5/10 – set. The dialogue is easy, the tree may be more challenging.

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Copyright © November 2017 Yael Brennert and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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The release of Theodore Marlow – the love his life visits a man from beyond the grave
Shadows of time – romantic sci-fi screenplay in which a man falls in love with a girl from the past and travels through time to meet her
Yvette – period romantic drama script about a young girl growing up in Paris

So Easy a Caveman can do it – short skit about inventing the wheel

skit about inventing the wheel


Grok just invent wheel. Using only a rock and, er another rock. (But it was a Phillips rock) . And he’s very proud of it. Zorg not interested – he dig hole to catch girl for prom night. However (But) Grok not realise (know) he need things like insurance for his wheel. Dis wheel making thing more complicated (hard/difficult) than Grok think (knew). So he gets girl and goes off over the mountain on the wheel to get insurance. But Grok did not know he need seatbelts (To keep the girl from falling off) in this short skit about inventing the wheel.

Read about playwrights Lois and Kelly Corcoran. Other skits by Lois and Kelly – Judge Chewout – scary or not?

Author: Lois and Kelly Cocoran

Type: Skit, comedy, one act

Genre: Short skit about inventing the wheel

Cast: 3 – 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Older kids up to adults

Suitable for: All ages to watch and perform

Length: Two – three minutes (1.5 pages)

Set: Blackbox set. PROPS: Horn hats, shovel, cardboard wheel, cell phone, caveman costumes

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – fun easy skit for all to enjoy.

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Copyright © Lois and Kelly Corcoran and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for!
Cupid’s bad day – skit for valentine’s day
The Masked Avenger – superhero comedy skit

Regicide – fantasy play script about revolution. And murder

fantasy play script


There are those who hate the King and Queen. They have their reasons. Mainly, the violence, bloodshed, murder and oppression they have lived with under the monarchs rule. ‘’Those’’ like Zanna and Lucien, belong to a brotherhood that seeks to destroy the King and Queen once and for all. In Regicide, a play in three acts, their lives revolve around their resolve to bring power back to the people, their respect for the authorities who will carry out the order for the final blow and the sweet revolution of retribution that will follow the simple task that must be done quickly and quietly – kill the King and Queen’s new born son in this fantasy play script.

The logic, according to Zanna and Lucien’s Commander (Jacob) is that without an heir, the wretched kingdom will surely collapse and so Lucien and Zanna must ensure that the threat is completely annihilated. ‘’The Threat’’, merely a day or two old, who has done nothing but exist thus far, who understands nothing’ and is as harmless as can be, must be killed and it is Lucien who has volunteered to do it. But can he? … Could you?

When a child is born, it knows not what it has done.

Author: Eliah Medina

Type: Short 3 act play

Genre: Fantasy play script

Cast: Mains: 2 – M, 2 – F. Total cast 5M 3F

Ages of the actors: 5 in their twenties, the rest in their forties to fifties

Suitable for: Teens up to adults to perform.

Length: About an hour

Set: Various locations in a kingdom including a seedy tavern, castle bedrooms, cottage

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – scene changes. Although there are various scene changes an accomplished director can easily make use of space on stage to set the scenes.

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Copyright © November 2017 Eliah Medina and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Enchanted – two boy scouts stumble onto a fantasy world in the woods
The Lady of the Lake Murder – Arthurian whodunit
Grace will lead me home – young girl goes on a magical quest to save her mother

Day of all days – drama script about secrets and lies

drama script about secrets and lies


Jean is the perfect host and has planned a get together to celebrate their friends Diane and George’s 25-year partnership. Bringing everyone together has been a bit of a trial and things go wrong – the cake is destroyed in an accident involving Dan and Jean’s best friend, Karen. Their daughter Sarah’s boyfriend decides not to attend, Karen’s husband Harry prefers to support his football team and to cap it all George’s car breaks down, which results in the celebration being postponed to the following day in this drama about secrets and lies.

About 23 years ago Dan and Karen had an affair and Dan is unaware that a child, Chris, born of the relationship was adopted rather than aborted. Dan thinks that Jean, although aware of the relationship, knows nothing about the child and has been living under a cloud of guilt ever since. Everything goes wrong when Chris, now 22 years’ old arrives at the party.

Tension builds as other family members start to let their secrets out as well, culminating in the final arrival of the last guests of the evening!

Read about playwright Keith Passmore. Other dramas – Deliverance – a play about Joan of Arc by Keith.

Author: Keith Passmore

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Drama about secrets and lies

Cast: 6M, 5F – cast of 11

Ages of the actors: Adults forties to fifties, their kids in their twenties

Suitable for: Adults only

Length: 120 minutes – Two hours

Set: Dan and Jean’s lounge hasn’t changed much from the late 1990’s, but it is homely, stylish to a degree and simply furnished and is part of a four-bedroom house in a semi-rural setting in middle class South of England.

Level of difficulty:  7/10 Building tension throughout to reach a peak at the end of two hours

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Copyright © November 2017 Keith Passmore and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Memory Palace – poignant family drama about the family home
Check off in the sun – family drama about the passing away of a beloved family member
Riding a Peacock – African American family saga type drama

More Pasta – ten minute comedy about family and veganism

ten minute comedy about family


Not everyone eats as much meat as they used to nowadays. Doctors warn it makes your cholesterol high, and let’s face it, there’s a lot more pressure from the vegans than there used to be. But Mike never dreamed it would enter his home. Mike is Italian and every good Italian boy knows that whenever he needs to, he can go home to momma and she’ll cook him a meal fit for a king. Spagetti and meatballs, for instance. But when Mike goes round to visit his folks, he finds that things are just a little different from what they used to be and momma is – well let’s just say she’s embraced her new lifestyle with a never seen before fervor.

‘More pasta’ won the Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre and KTDT Digital Radio Players competition in 2009.

Author: Leon Kaye

Type: Ten minute comedy script

Genre: Ten minute comedy about family

Cast: 2M 1F

Ages of the actors: Two middle aged (the parents) and one son (20)

Suitable for: Teens up to perform and all ages to watch

Length: Ten minutes

Set: A dining room table, which is set. Two pots simmer on the stove.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – a fun comedy for three actors that plays on characterization

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Cost is $10 for this award winning ten minute play

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Copyright © November 2017 Leon Kaye and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Mother – a comedy about being a little too politically correct because of your embarrassing mother
Something’s got to give – family comedy play
Irish Jack – family dramedy script about marrying outside your culture

The Dummies Guide to Saving the U.s.a. – CIA Comedy script

CIA comedy script


In this CIA comedy script, a band of evil doers – a.k.a Connie and Blyde (who work for Al Tyrone and his bunch of goons) attack the Whitehouse and the CIA’s base of operations and kidnap the vice president as part of their cunning and devious plan they wish to fulfill.

With the CIA crippled they only have one agent left for the job. However, he has no field training and there is no time to learn. He has to learn how to be an agent ON THE JOB while trying to take down a villainous master of mischief, gangsters, and criminal icon copycats. His name: Wilbur.

Read another script by best selling playwright Jonathan Smith – The Fourth Wall – a behind the scenes teen adventure comedy script.

Author: Jonathan Smith

Type: Full length one act comedy (but could easily be split with an interval into a two act comedy)

Genre: CIA comedy script

Cast: 11M, 5F – some roles can be doubled. Can be performed with a minimum of 10-12 actors.

Length: 50-60 minutes (an hour with scene changes)

Ages of the actors: Teen up

Suitable for: Teens to adult to both watch and perform

Set: Simple – the stage is split in two halves so the action takes place on one side then switches to the other, or both are used to represent different locations. Desks and chairs and phones are needed.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – scene changes.

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Cost is $5.50 for this new digital play script

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Copyright © November 2017 Jonathan Smith and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Explain the Handcuffs – sci-fi time travelling adventure comedy script
Pirate appreciation day – comedy about pirates. Aargh!!
Goddle – sci-fi adventure comedy script

Trump: American Nightmare – short Donald Trump skit

short Donald Trump skit


It’s the night before the election results are announced and Donald Trump’s second worst nightmare is about to come true (The worst nightmare being his hair thinning a little on the top). The second worst nightmare is that he’s terribly, terribly afraid that he’s actually going to be made President – something he really doesn’t want at all. He never expected it to happen and now it looks like it’s about to come to pass. What will he do?

In a thoughtless moment he calls Hillary and Bill and tries to bargain with them, even bribing Bill with interns in a moment of desperation. But will they succumb in this short Donald Trump skit?

Other comedies by Demarquis – Out on a Date – the comedy about dumping someone and social media knowing about it before you do it. 

Author: Demarquis Johnson

Genre: Short Donald Trump skit

Type: Comedy skit or sketch, one act

Cast: 2M, 2F, 2N

Ages of the actors: Teen up.

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: 4-5 minutes

Set: Black box set. A laptop/tablet and a phone are needed

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – Impersonating famous people convincingly and with humor

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $4.50 for this short Donald Trump skit

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Copyright © November 2017 Demarquis Johnson and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Ye’ll vote for me – Irish political skit
Trump:wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue
Attorney skit – we’ll get what you paid for!

A Tale of Two balconies – modern Romeo and Juliet comedy

modern Romeo and Juliet comedy


Sorry, love, the old Romeo can’t come to the phone right now – he’s too busy thinking of the paths to his beloved’s (Juliet’s) heart …but the new Romeo can come to the phone, in fact he’s glued to it ‘cause the hot Juliet, is on the other line. In A Tale of Two Balconies, modern Romeo/Juliet and Shakespearean Juliet/Romeo share with us the agony of love in a one act comedy that boldly puts the ‘crossed’ in ‘star-crossed’ as the two couples intertwine in a quirky retelling of the dramatic classic. The differences between modern-day flirting and the courtships of yesteryear are explored in the most comical yet thought-provoking way and in an illuminating style, the whims and wild imaginings of teenagers are studied. It wouldn’t be ‘Romeo and Juliet’ without the element of disaster we’ve come to associate with the romance and when the Romeo and Juliet pairs cross paths, hilarious consequences arise leading to the conclusion that boys will be boys and are indeed from Mars and girls? Well, we all know (or don’t know) about them in this modern Romeo and Juliet comedy.

Tis awesome to feel the fluttering’s that arise from the passions of the heart!

Author: Kate Cosette

Type: One act Comedy

Genre: Modern Romeo and Juliet Comedy

Length: Twenty five minutes

Cast: 2M 2F

Ages of the actors: Teenagers

Suitable for: Teens up to perform and to watch

Set: Scene opens on stage split in two: present in both scenes is a balcony. Modern and medieval Juliets both stand on their respective balconies

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy but fun piece that points fun at both modern and medieval ways.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this brand new one act digital play script

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Copyright © November 2017 Kate Cosette

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The Dane – play about an audition for Hamlet
Cuckold – ten minute seventeenth century comedy about a Cuckold

Saving Persephone – Modern Greek style comedy

modern Greek style comedy


When you’re the God of the Underworld, you certainly have to live up to expectations and Hades is not one to let reputations slide. The plan: reinvigorate his status, the pawn: his wife, Persephone, the execution style: well… the execution of life itself. Knowing that the earth cannot thrive with Persephone otherwise ‘engaged’ Hades’ plan is the seemingly perfect way to garner the respect he seems to have misplaced-err or rather lost along the way.

For in this two act comedy we see how easy it is for a god to be forgotten and well Hades cannot tolerate that now can he? And if it takes a village of Alseids, Dryads, Hesperides, Nereids, Oreads, Pleiades, hell – even Zeus himself, to save the day then so be it. Hades will be waiting, in the Underworld, of course.

If you alter your perspective, holding the goddess of vegetation hostage is just a bit of fun!

Author: Meghan van Lelyveld

Type: Two-act play

Genre: Modern play with classic Greek characters, modern Greek style comedy

Cast: Main Characters – 1 – M, 1 – F. Total cast large: 35 – at least 10 non speaking roles included which can potentially be cut.

Ages of the actors: Teens up

Suitable for: Teens up – ideal play for high school or community theatre

Length: 100 minutes

Set: The woods and the underworld. The set is often created by actors within the script which is quite interesting and lighting effects.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – crowd control

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital modern Greek style comedy

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Copyright © November 2017 Meghan van Lelyveld and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Antigone – Greek Tragedy
Acrisius – modern classic Greek play
Thesius and Ariadne – modern classic Greek love story play

No Years Eve – play about New Year’s Eve (and the world ending on it)

play about New year's eve


Christmas is over, and everyone is looking forward to the New Year, until the news breaks that there wasn’t going to be one. A jilted daughter, a nuclear physicist, a flower shop employee, a wayward priest and a thief all join Mr. and Mrs. Drummond for their final moments on earth. Emotions run high, secrets are confessed and love blooms in the face of annihilation.   What will they do when the time comes? And how will they pass the time until then in this play about New Years Eve?

Other plays by Dave Morgan – Le Shaggy Dog – comedy set in wartime France

Production History:

Franklin and Friends on act play festival, Roosevelt Park, South Africa – March 2017
EADS one act play festival – Edenvale, South Africa – May 2017

Author: Dave Morgan

Genre: British Comedy, dramedy

Type: One act play, play about New year’s eve

Cast: 4M, 3F

Ages of the actors: Early twenties up to adult

Suitable for: All ages to watch and teens up to perform

Length: Thirty minutes

Set: Standard living room plus big working clock with easy to read pointers set for 11:30 at the start of the play (depending upon the timed dress rehearsal). A door, drinks cabinet, glasses, TV a flat screen from a computer of similar, cups, a tray and a lounge suite etc. Christmas tree, crackers and streamers.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – keeping a level of tension going with everyday occurrences

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6.50 for this previously staged play

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Copyright © November 2017 Dave Morgan and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other end of the world plays:

God Help Us – the end of the world is nigh – and God’s stuck at a conference
Scream – one act suspense thriller about how people react when they think it’s the end of the world
The End of Class – a teen comedy about the end of class

Anastasia Romanova – alternative history play about Russian Romanov dynasty

play about Russian Romanov dynasty


It is the final days of the rule of the Russian Romanov dynasty. Communism is taking hold and their power is growing. Against a backdrop of fake news and revolution, the grand duchess, Anastasia, plays a childish prank on her family, in which she swaps places with a scullery girl who looks like her. The game becomes serious when Anastasia masquerading as the servant is sent off to work in a factory while the family are murdered by the Communists.

Anastasia escapes from the factory and, helped by members of the clergy, after much hardship including prostitution, abortion and a mental breakdown survives in a broken down Germany and lives out her life there.  A romanticised tale that is still steeped in history, a tale of the last years of Anastasia Romanova. Play about Russian Romanov dynasty.

Other plays by Pilar – Santa’s Holiday – a South African comedy panto.

Author: Pilar Pringiers Spinnox

Type: Two act play, play about Russian Romanov dynasty

Genre: Drama, alternative history – a “what if she had escaped?” play

Cast: It needs a big cast: 23 M and 14-15 F

Ages of the actors: Suitable for high school up

Suitable for: Teens up

Length: 90 minutes

Set: A few scene changes but easily accomplished as many are set outdoors and other require the use of simple furnishings like chairs.

Level of difficulty: 8/10 Needs competent direction and actors. A good lighting operator will help set the mood in the various scenes.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital alternative history drama

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Copyright © October 2017 Pilar Pringiers Spinnox and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other alternate history plays and historical dramas

Teru’ah – alternate history drama with a different outcome years after world war two
Mersey Boys – screenplay about the Beatles – alternate history
Becoming Disappeared – short sci fi script set in a post apocalyptic world

The Most Important Thing – Christian play for high school

christian play for high school


In this Christian play for high school, a teacher sets the students a task – for each of them to get up and say what are the things most important to them, and what are they personally going to do to see to it that those things show up in their lives? Each student has a different answer, from doing their best, to put their whole self into whatever they are doing and to learn from their mistakes. But the student who gets up at the end has the one answer that encompasses all of those things.

Author: Mike Whorley

Type: One act play

Genre: Christian play for high school

Length: 15 minutes

Cast: 4F, 3M, 1N (Teacher)

Ages of the actors: Teens and 1 adult.

Suitable for: Christian schools, teen audiences

Set: A classroom or black box set at the director’s discretion

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – easy play to perform with a simple message.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

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Copyright © October 2017 Mike Whorley and Off the Wall Play Publishers

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Six Accusers – A man is brought to trial for being a Christian
Holiday shorts – a play collection for the holidays including a Christmas Play
A Manger Carol – comedy nativity play for kids and teens

Listen – soldier’s monologue about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

monologue about post traumatic stress disorder


A monologue from a soldier who used to fight in the Middle East for the British army. He’s returned from war, with the memories of the people he watched die right in the war.  Bodies he had to put together and bury in mass graves. Ordinary people who had families.

Whenever he closes his eyes, all he can see is their faces, disintegrating in front of him as the bomb hits. The only the thing that drowns the pain is booze. He knows he’s killing himself drinking so much. But it’s the only thing that stops him thinking about it in this monologue about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A British monologue but one that could be adapted by actors in other countries.

Read about British playwright Matt Fox. Other dramatic monologues by Matt – Lady Killers – monologues by women who kill.

Author: Matt Fox

Genre: Drama, monologue about post traumatic stress disorder

Type: Ten minute plays – monologue

Cast: 1M

Age of the actor: Middle aged to older

Suitable for: Teens up – graphic descriptions could affect younger kids

Set: Black box set – possibly chair on a stage

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – holding the audience’s attention

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital male monologue

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Copyright © October 2017 Matt Fox and Off The Wall Play Publishers

Like this play? Other monologues you may enjoy:

After the Pyre – male monologue – when your life falls apart and you’re left to pick up the pieces, who do you blame?
Finding my Root – South African monologue about rape and trauma
The Any Key – monologues for men and about life in the big city

Frederick J. Prescott – one act comedy about a funeral home

comedy about a funeral home


Frederick J. Prescott has just died and three of the women who worked with him some years back are there at the funeral home to mourn him. It’s all going quite smoothly. Michael, the funeral home assistant has it all under control and the viewing of the deceased in his open coffin (as requested) has begun.

Everyone is doing what they should be – the women are drinking tea and speaking about Frederick, and Michael is hovering anxiously on the sidelines. Yes, everyone is doing that they should be…. Except Frederick. And nobody has any idea what on earth he’s doing. And where the weird noises are coming from in this comedy about a funeral home.

Read other comedy plays by Randall Davis Barfield – Down by the River – a romantic comedy about unknowingly dating twins.

Author: Randall Davis Barfield

Type: Ten minute slapstick comedy, one act slapstick comedy

Genre: Comedy about a Funeral Home

Cast: 3F 1M

Ages of the actors: The 3F are in their fifties or sixties. The M is young, in his twenties.

Suitable for: Teens and up – mild references to body parts

Length: Ten Minutes

Set: The funeral home in charge of the arrangements. Frederick lies in his open coffin in one of the viewing rooms. Seven or eight chairs are arranged in the room but not so near the coffin. Also, there are lovely flowers tastefully placed here and there in the room. There’s a visitor’s book on a stand. A small table is placed near one of the walls. There is a tall candle holder (with candle) placed near the coffin.

Level of difficulty: 7/10 – descriptive reactive acting. Conveying humour without being crass.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $5.50 for this digital play script

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Copyright © October 2017 Frederick J. Prescott and Off The Wall Play Publishers

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Sticky – ten minute farcical comedy about a cheating husband
Cuckold – period raunchy comedy script
Hossback – one act comedy about cowboys