Benny and Boris – Ten minute poignant comedy for seniors

ten minute poignant comedy


Benny and Boris meet everyday in the park, on the same bench. They play cards. They talk. About life. It’s not the same anymore. Everyone is a schmuck nowadays. Although, that guy from high school, remember him? He was a schmuck then too. Okay – some things just don’t change. Oh well. The thing, though that really bothers Benny, besides the idiot doctor and the fact that he can’t remember what he ate this morning for breakfast, is that his son doesn’t want him to live with him anymore, now that the new baby is here. And who calls their baby Randy anyway? People nowadays, well they just have no clue how to name their kids properly. Or how to look after their parents.

A ten minute poignant comedy with some great funny lines that deals with the sensitive subject of growing older and being best friends.

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Author: Morley Shulman

Genre: Ten minute poignant comedy

Type: Ten minute plays, one act play scripts

Length: Ten minutes

Cast: 2M

Age of the actors: Seventy plus

Suitable for: All ages to watch(PG language younger kids) Adults up to perform.

Set: A park bench

Level of difficulty: 6/10 – sharp quick lines to bounce off the other actors

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