Abstinence Only – one act psychological drama

one act psychological drama


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This one act psychological drama, ‘Abstinence Only’ questions the severe limitations on personal freedom in a country that claims to be free. An intruder has entered a New York City studio apartment, where two psychology students are having a one night tryst. The intruder robs them and binds them together, naked. Their evening becomes a chaotic struggle as they fear the exposure of calling for help.

Abstinence only has been previously performed as part of the Nucleo Eclettico at the Ist floor theater,  74 East Street, NYC.The author does allow workshopping of the play and is quite open to changes, but he must review and approve any changes before it gets staged.

More about author Jim Pangrazio

psychological dramas in one act

Author:  Jim Pangrazio

Genre: One act psychological drama

Type:One act play

Length: Half an hour, 30 minutes

Number of Actors : Three 2F 1M

Ages of actors: In their twenties 20’s.  All are college seniors

Suitable for: PG 18 – nudity and sex

Set: Simple:  studio apartment

Level of difficulty:  7/10 – needs to build to a climax

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $7 for this previously staged play

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