Bob – 5 minute comedy skits

5 minute comedy skits


A 5 minute comedy skit about a guy called Bob, who goes to audition for a part in a play. Bob appears to be extremely nervous, and possibly even slightly retarded, but his audition is greatly helped by his patient friend, Anne. A very funny skit, with a nice twist at the end.

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Author : T. J. Edison

Length: 5-7 minutes

Genre: 5 minute Comedy Skits

Type: One Act Skit or Play

Characters: 1M, 4F

Suitable for: All Ages

Ages of Actors:   1 F in 20s, 3F slightly older women,  1M thirties up.

Level of Difficulty:  6/10. Keeping a straight face!

In “Bob,” the poem he recites may be changed, as long as the results are the same.

There should be no other alterations in the original script.

Read a Sample of the Script

Cost is $6

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Copyright May 2012 T. J. Edison Off The Wall Play Publishers

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